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Different Types Of Dinnerware Used In Hotels And Restaurants


Whether you are running a hotel or need to open a new restaurant, purchasing dinnerware can be a challenged task. Trying to figure out everything from what kind of dinnerware design suitable for hotel or restaurant style to the various selection of dinnerware shapes and sizes. The article will give you some ideas before your buying.

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Types of Dinnerware Material

There are different types of hotels and restaurant dinnerware available, each with their own benefits and disadvantage. From size and shape to color and composition, the possibility for dinnerware seem endless. Choosing the one thats right for you can be tricky.


Porcelain Dinnerware

Porcelain Dinnerware is usually hard, white and slightly translucent as well as often has a smooth glazed finish which could be solid white or patterned. Most white dinnerware for hotel use and color dinnerware for restaurant use.


*Strong and Durable

*More affordable compared to bone china dinnerware

*Most are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe

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Bone china Dinnerware

Light weight, translucent, very smooth glaze, thin, sophisticated, elegant, bone china is the hallmark of quality. Made from at least 40% bone ash, fired by high temperature 1320 degrees by twice, bone china has a high density, so dinnerware are very strong. This gives it a refined, delicate appearance, making it very well suited to use in the high-end hotels and restaurants.


*Expensive dinnerware for upscale establishments

*Good quality glaze finish protects from chipping and scratching

*Most are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe



Stoneware differs from porcelain, its heavy weight, more opaque, coloured grey or brownish because of using clay with impurity. Stoneware dinnerware fired by medium or low temperature, density is not enough but its hard enough to resist scratching. Stoneware usually has a coarse feel when touch it.


*Hard and Durable

*Usually for supermarket dinnerware set

*Microwave and dishwasher safe

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Types of Dinnerware

Before purchasing dinnerware for hotel or restaurant, its important to be aware of the different types and functions of catering dinnerware. Following will review different types of dinnerware.


Type of Plate

Platter--It is a type of huge plate that serve big portion of food for many people.  

Dinner Plate--It is a type of plate used for main courses. This plate usually comes out after salad and rests above charger plate. Dinner Plate is the most used plate in the entire meal and the average diameter ranges from 25-30 cm.

Dessert Plate--It is usually used at formal and informal dining places. The function of dessert plate is diverse. Could use it for salad, pasta and desserts. Many choose to use the same plate for both lunch and dinner. The plate diameter ranges from 20-25 cm.

Appetizer Plate--It is a type of plate with various sizes. The diameter starts from 17 cm. The plate is almost similar to bread and butter plate, just slightly bigger than B&B plate. The appetizer plate could be used to serve an appetizer such as cheeses, fruits.

Bread and Butter Plate--B&B plate stands for bread and butter. It is used to put bread and butter. The plate is also called a quartar plate or side plate because it it usually placed next to the fork. The diameter ranges from 15-18 cm.

Saucer--Its a type of small plate with an indention for a cup, usually its the different types coffee, such as espresso, Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha. The diameter ranges from 12-16 cm.

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Types of Bowl

Soup Bowl/Plate--Soup bowl have a different shape than other types of dishes as the bowl is used for containing watery food like soup. The shape is cowboy hat-like plate but follows the main function as a soup container like a bowl. The diameter ranges from 18-24 cm.

Salad Bowl--This plate is usually used for salad serving. There are different shapes could be used as salad bowl. The normal one is round shape with deep height around 8 cm, the formal one is cowboy hat-like plate with bowl container. The diameter ranges from 15-28 cm.

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Importance of Dinnerware

The dining experience could not be overlooked in day-to-day life. We need to make it special by selecting the right and proper dinnerware which is crucial.


Whether we like it or not, we should admit that the very first thing catches our eyes is the dinnerware when we sit in the dining table in hotel or restaurant.


No matter how delicious the food is, people feel no appetite when eating if the food served on a unattractive plate. Use high quality, durable, unique and stylish dinnerware such as hard white porcelain dinnerware, translucent bone china dinnerware in different sizes, shapes, colors and themes.


The proper tableware helps set the moods by complementing in both visual aspects of the good and the general theme of the dinner. There is a risk for your dining experience of you hitting a rough note if you utilise the wrong color of tableware that is either too colourful or too plain for the specific type of food you are serving.


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