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Tip food starts with ceramic tableware

by:Two Eight     1970-01-01

 Porcelain Library China News Poetry St. Du Fu has poetry clouds: white songs must be drunk, youthful companionship to return home. It is worth three days, and it is necessary to drink some summer drinks that are hot and heat-resistant, and replace the bulky and dull cups in winter. More people choose porcelain cups. In addition to the Chinese people's love for ceramic products, the ceramic tableware products are crystal clear, and the cold and lubricity of the hand and taste makes people like to use ceramic tableware in the hot summer. However, the health threat theory of inferior ceramic tableware that has been frequently exposed has also discouraged many people. In fact, as long as you choose qualified, high-quality brand products, and master some ceramic tableware shopping skills, you can rest assured that they enjoy the comfortable dining experience.

 The elegant Emperor Huang series of high-grade tableware, based on the noble, solemn and meticulous yellow in Chinese culture, is engraved with dragons and carvings, showing the royal style, and also proclaiming to the world: integrity and rigorous cultural spirit still linger in China In the blood vessels of people.

 Ceramic tableware

 At present, the distinctive and unique printing pattern has set off a wave of fashion and waves. It has been popular for many years. This pastoral aesthetics and creativity have been long-lasting and continue to bring joy and enthusiasm to life. Vivid flower patterns and beautiful color schemes, full of life style and unique artistic style of pottery tableware, paired with people's table, do not have a romantic taste, but also have the elegant style of European tableware.

 Especially young girls always love beautiful things, so they tend to choose ceramic tableware with beautiful flower patterns. The most of them is of course the rose pattern, because the rose is a symbol of love and romance, for example, a touch of pink, with Phnom Penh, without losing the delicateness of the rose, but also quiet; or choose those flowers with delicate tableware, green The vine branches are wrapped around them, and they are full of vitality, both elegant and without losing their demeanor.

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