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The threshold of the international ceramics market is high.

by:Two Eight     1970-01-01

 Recently, an export training meeting for the Eastern European market was packed. The organizer Foshan Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau said that in the coming months, special training will be conducted for the export of emerging markets such as the Middle East, India and Brazil. Such subdivided corporate training is still rare in the past history of the department.

 In 2011, the proportion of Foshan's exports to emerging markets rose from 25.4% to 29%. In the context of the expected sluggish foreign trade, emerging markets are almost savior, government, enterprises, experts … … everyone is talking about Russia's accession to the WTO Brazil hosts the World Cup, and the huge potential of emerging markets is exciting for everyone.

 This rich cake seems to be on the lips of people, all it takes is to eat it. However, some companies have found that this cake seems to be thorny. These thorns are hostile to local companies, targeted tariffs, consumer prejudice, etc., and accidentally, companies that are new to the company may be stabbed.

 The threshold of the international ceramics market is high.

 Emerging markets are still moving at high speed

 Russia is about to become a member of the WTO. Brazil will continue to host the World Cup and the Olympic Games in the next few years. At various export trade training sessions, the description of adrenaline can be heard at any time.

 And emerging markets are indeed looking forward to. According to statistics from Foshan Customs, the total trade value of Foshan to ASEAN countries increased by 23.8% in 2011; 87.9% for African countries; 21.4% for South American countries; and the total trade value of four BRIC countries for South Africa, India, Brazil and Russia totaled 59.6. Billion dollars, an increase of 64.4%. The proportion of the above market totals increased significantly, from 25.4% in the previous year to 29%. The relevant person in charge of Foshan Customs said.

 In order to let enterprises know more about these markets, the bureau even invited the HKTDC to train enterprises to analyze the potential markets in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, India and Brazil.

 Even ceramic companies that are facing the enemy in the export market have gained a lot in emerging markets. According to the Foshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in 2011, 5,700 batches of ceramic products from Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa were exported to the BRICS countries, with a value of US$218.21 million, an increase of 28.7% in export batches and a 54.5% increase in value.

 The most significant increase is India. The export value has increased from US$23 million to US$48.3 million in 2010, an increase of 110%. Brazil and Russia have also grown by more than 50%. Don’t forget that last year was the year that Brazil slammed Foshan tiles. . A person in charge told the reporter.

 This year, the National Foreign Trade New Deal puts forward an emerging market strategy, that is, China will increase its efforts to develop new markets, especially those in developing countries. It is reported that the Ministry of Commerce has selected about 30 countries to break through the market as a key foreign trade diversification strategy for this year and in the coming years, and strive to increase the proportion of market trade between China and Europe, the United States, Japan and other traditional markets by 2015. percentage point.

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