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The more colorful the ceramic tableware is, the more dangerous it is.

by:Two Eight     1970-01-01

 The brighter the color of ceramic tableware, the more likely it is that heavy metals are exceeding the standard. The International Food Packaging Association today issued a consumer warning to remind consumers not to use ceramic tableware decorated with glaze.

 It seems that bright and beautiful tableware, if the process is not closed, it is easy to appear heavy metal exceeding the standard. Dong Jinshi, secretary general of the International Food Packaging Association, told reporters that the method of making ceramic tableware is divided into glaze color, glaze color, and underglaze color. The glaze color is felt when it feels concave and convex; the glaze is colored on the surface; the glaze color is painted on the color picture, and then glazed, so it is called underglaze.

 The main hazard in ceramic tableware comes from the heavy metals from which the heavy metals come from the glaze. In the ceramic production process, lead is added to the glaze, and lead and cadmium are added to the pigment to make the glaze uniform and bright. In some enterprises, the production process does not control lead and cadmium enough, which leads to excessive lead and cadmium. Consumers can always see colorful ceramic tableware with gold-rimmed silver edges when buying. In fact, these gold-rimmed silver edges are heavy metals such as lead, chromium, mercury, and radium.

 It is recommended to choose white porcelain tableware as much as possible. Buy the ceramic tableware, you should first boil for 5 minutes with boiling water, or soak for 2 hours to 3 hours with vinegar, which can remove most of the toxic substances and reduce the potential harm of ceramics to the human body.

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