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The export of daily-use ceramics enterprises is blocked, and it is caught in anti-dumping 'mud pool'

by:Two Eight     2019-01-10

 As the largest international trade fair in China with the largest scale, the largest number of merchants, the widest radiation, and the highest turnover, China East China Import and Export Fair was held in Shanghai on March 1st - 5th. The China International Trade Fair is supported by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China. It is a regional international economic and trade event jointly sponsored by Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Shandong, Nanjing, and Ningbo. It is called China. Foreign trade vane. In the first exhibition of the New Year, the number of merchants and export transactions declined, and the situation of China's foreign trade enterprises is not optimistic, including many daily-use ceramic enterprises.

 One of the key words that the daily-use ceramics companies that appear in this year's China Fair are in anti-dumping. On February 17, 2012, the EU initiated an anti-dumping investigation against Chinese ceramics. At the end of the year, it made an initial anti-dumping ruling against more than 2,000 domestic ceramic enterprises, and imposed a temporary tax rate of 17.6%-58.8% for a period of six months. On May 15 this year, the EU will vote on the import tariff of Chinese ceramics. The final approval will be valid for up to five years.

 The export of daily-use ceramics enterprises was blocked and fell into anti-dumping mire

 Not only the European Union, on August 30 last year, Mexico also launched an anti-dumping investigation on Chinese daily-use ceramics, involving a total amount of US$45 million. On August 31, the Russian, Belarusian and Kazakhstan Economic Community initiated general protection measures for daily-use ceramics. The investigation, in order to protect the domestic industry, introduced technical trade measures; on December 26, the Brazilian Ministry of Trade and Development also decided to launch an anti-dumping investigation on Chinese ceramic tableware products, and announced the list of sample companies in January this year. For a time, Chinese daily-use ceramics companies seem to have fallen into an anti-dumping encirclement. Moreover, in addition to anti-dumping duties, the international market has increasingly proposed various technical standards, further increasing the testing and certification costs of exporting enterprises.

 It is understood that before October last year, some European importers foresee changes in tax rates and accelerated the purchase of orders, resulting in a significant increase in ceramic products entering the European market. However, with the implementation of the provisional anti-dumping duties, orders from Europe have been few since November.

 With the impact of the US subprime mortgage crisis in 2008, the global economic market has been severely impacted. The global financial crisis has swept the world. China has also received significant economic development shocks as a major import and export country. Especially with the advent of the post-financial crisis era, trade protectionism in various countries began to take off, and various anti-dumping investigations were also carried out for various products in China. Faced with the severe export situation of products, China's daily-use ceramics enterprises are in a difficult situation.

 In the face of such a rigid external policy, our company is faced with numerous product improvements and adjustments in output strategies. The first is the need to meet a variety of stringent technical standards, in order to export their own products, which requires companies to invest in improving their product quality, the pursuit of higher and better technical standards, in this process to enhance the brand competition of enterprises Force and influence, the market survival choice for survival of the fittest. Secondly, daily-use ceramics enterprises also need to reposition their own brand sales market, conduct market research on export-to-internal demand, and seek new directions for brand development.

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