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Tableware ushered in the 'new porcelain' era, showing the artistic atmosphere

by:Two Eight     1970-01-01

Unconsciously, the tableware has undergone a whole new change. Those products full of modern taste and artistic atmosphere bring good visual impact and cultural enjoyment to people.

In the early autumn, people who moved to the new home after entering the new home experience a new fashion experience.

New porcelain is in a new era

Today's tableware, although the material is still mainly porcelain, has broken through the original concept, and some new porcelains such as bone china, glass porcelain and so on have more and more people's vision. In the large shopping malls such as Lane Crawford, Songlei Commercial Building and Central Mall, there are many bone chinas. Among the dozens of products of a domestic brand of tableware in Songlei Commercial Building, 95% of the products are of this texture. It seems to the naked eye that the bone china tableware is very thin; the hand feels delicate, and it can be seen under the light, and it can almost appreciate its transparency. There is information that bone china is a high-grade porcelain produced in the UK and has a history of more than 300 years. It is made by mixing animal ashes into ceramic raw materials and firing at high temperature to become a porcelain with high whiteness, high transparency and fine porcelain. In the past, bone china was a British royal porcelain with a white texture and a luxurious shape. After development, it gradually entered the modern family and became the representative of fashionable tableware. According to different processes, bone china is divided into glaze color, glaze color, white porcelain and other varieties. Among them, glaze color which has been fired three times has become the most high-grade product, which is very popular among newly married families.

The bone china is known for its transparency and exquisiteness. The birth of glass porcelain makes people feel the solid features of modern tableware. It is reported that glass porcelain is made of special raw materials, which is extremely tough and not easily broken. This kind of glass porcelain is mostly colored products, which attracts people's attention.

Undoubtedly, the new porcelain is an innovation in the traditional tableware material. Li Li, a salesperson at the Central Mall, believes that traditional porcelain is too thick, fragile and easy to wear, and the new porcelain adopts advanced technology to avoid these drawbacks. Some bone china is touched by the knife and fork and will not cause scratches. Therefore, currently on the market. Traditional porcelain is gradually being replaced by new products.

The tableware market has ushered in a new era of porcelain.

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