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Seeing the double-sidedness of anti-dumping of ceramic industry from the limit of rare earth export

by:Two Eight     1970-01-01

 According to data released by the General Administration of Customs of China in 2011, China exported 1,819 tons of rare earths in April, a decrease of 53% from April 2010 and a decrease of 12.6% from March this year. The offshore price of these rare earths is $221.8 million, equivalent to $1,1,1,933 per ton.

 CIC consultants reminded that this price is almost 9 times the price a year ago. Compared with this achievement that is gratifying to some groups, what seems even more unforgettable is that some of the WTO's contracts are about the timing of primary energy, quantitative trade, and the cheap output of resources brought about by such bundled export regulations.

 Limit export to force industrial transformation, can the ceramic industry follow suit?

 Along with the increasing status of rare earth rare earth and colored rare metal resources in the international power struggle, China began to pay attention to energy conservation such as rare earth minerals. The private enterprise that invested in heavy rare earth minerals was gradually seized the right to develop, and the phenomenon of indiscriminate exploitation and misappropriation was obtained. Certain containment. The state implements a mandatory plan for rare earths, and the annual rare earth mines and separation indicators obtained by private enterprises are far & lt;; not enough & rsquo;. At this time, architectural ceramics also face serious difficulties.

 Seeing the double-sidedness of anti-dumping of ceramic industry from the limit of rare earth export

 On February 7, 2012, the Indonesian Anti-Dumping Committee just released the anti-dumping investigation of Chinese ceramic tableware products before the final ruling, and it is proposed to impose an anti-dumping duty of 87% on the above products. Less than two weeks later, on February 16th, the China Light Industry Arts and Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce published the 'Notice on the EU's Anti-dumping Investigation on China's Ceramic Kitchen Tableware'. The European Commission issued a notice to start the Chinese kitchen utensils. Anti-dumping investigation. Some insiders immediately said that this was an extension of the EU's heavy punches against China's ceramic industry last year.

 Since the pocket of the scarce resource exploitation index was pinched, the original private enterprises gathered here began to divert to the two ends along this industrial chain. This kind of compulsory political intervention has caused a chain effect at home and abroad: in addition to a few people who have settled down to the bottom to continue to cooperate with mineral property rights, the original domestic mining enterprises have climbed into the refining and deep processing links, and private enterprises have begun to seek overseas mining technology cooperation; Overseas countries with large gaps in such resources, such as consumers Japan, South Korea, and reserve countries Australia and the United States, are condemning and pressured by international political circles to pursue self-exploitation and other energy channels.

 These domestically upgraded and rare mineral refining and primary processing enterprises that have undergone transformation and upgrading are temporarily unable to conduct detailed investigations. However, according to Fujian Changle’s Xiao Chen, the family’s non-ferrous metal manufacturing enterprises in Xiangxi began to transfer capital in recent years and entered other industries such as real estate. This feature is confirmed in Changle enterprises with regional and group colors.

 Although it is not more precious than rare earth ore and non-ferrous metals, black mud, white mud and kaolin, which are both limited resources, are also suffering from the huge amount of digestion that has been increasing year by year. The high-purity and suitable pottery energy fields are constantly being cut. South to Maoming, Zhangzhou, west to Jiajiang, north to Zibo, Neihuang, Hebi, east of Xiaoshan and central Dangyang … … building ceramic industry flourishing behind the news of damage to cultivated land, polluting the environment.

 Even if it cannot rise to the supreme position of the national strategic core, the upgrading of the ceramic industry is also imperative in terms of environmental conservation and capacity improvement. The current situation is that environmental maintenance responsibility and overseas anti-dumping are like the tigers on both sides. This double pressure is also like double-sided rolling machine. How the ceramics industry will be shaped is yet to be revealed.

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