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Chef Lin visit Two Eight Ceramic Showroom




Unilever selects China's new generation of executive chefs  Masterpiece: "Chef Lin's 24 Tastes"
State banquet chefs at G20 Summit, Fortune Forum    Chinese celebrity chefs

Chef Lin, at the age of 24, became the hotel's executive chef with his amazing learning ability and perseverance.

July 26, 2019 participated in the Hunan Satellite TV program "Chinese Restaurant 3" as the chef. 

Took the post of InterContinental Hotels Group's Connoisseur Chef Ambassador in Greater China. 

Lead the team to further build the "InterContinental Expert Chef" project in Greater China, and participate in the 

strategic planning and daily operation of brand catering. 

Served as the executive chef of major five-star hotels, Served as the chef of the G20 Summit, the chef of the World 

Travel Conference, the chef of the Global Fortune Forum dinner, etc.


Enjoy the sense of ritual as well as simple daily life~

As Chef Lin said: "Enjoy the sense of ritual as well as simple daily life."

Cooking various foods in the kitchen with different utensils is a very joyful experience.

In "Chef Lin's 24 Tastes", it is recorded that the state banquet Shuwei Lin chef is looing for high-quality ingredients in the four seasons of spring, summer, 

autumn and winter.

Through the fusion of Chinese and Western 

cuisine, a series of unique and creative cuisines have been produced, as well as the warm memories and inspirational stories behind the cuisine. He not only wanted to inherit the oriental taste, 

but also wanted to protect a trace of human 

simple daily life feeling...


This is exactly what the Two Eight Ceramics is doing, letting the elegant western rituals exude a strong Chinese-style simple daily life, 

Everyone can make star-rated dishes at home with the support of Two Eight Ceramics~



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