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Let the aristocratic temperament be reflected in the tableware.

by:Two Eight     2019-01-17

 Someone joked that because Westerners do not treat food as much as Chinese, they have to work on developing exquisite tableware to compensate for the monotony of taste. Thus, in today's top ceramic tableware, the bone china invented by the British more than two hundred years ago has occupied a place, and it has created another legend of tableware culture. Britain's long-standing aristocratic temperament has also been vividly reflected in the design of tableware, even as a home decoration, it is also very artistic.

 British bone china has become an extremely artistic household item because of its delicate texture and elegant and classic design.

 Although ceramics originated in China, bone china was founded in the United Kingdom. It has long been used as a special porcelain for the British royal family. It is unique and noble. Today, bone china is also a symbol of the status and status of the owner.

 The bone china was invented by the British in the 18th century and was named after the addition of about 30% of the herbivore ashes to the clay.

 Since the addition of ashes increases the hardness and transparency of porcelain, its strength is higher than that of ordinary porcelain, which is twice that of daily-use porcelain. The unique firing process and the addition of ashes eliminate the impurities in the porcelain clay. The bone china is whiter, finer, more transparent, lighter, less flawed, and thinner than ordinary porcelain. There is a special kind of visual cleaning. sense.

 According to professionals, the higher the content of bone meal, the lower the composition of clay, the easier it is to crack during the manufacturing process, and the higher the technology required for molding, so it is more precious.

 According to TomWedgwood, the eighth generation descendant of the famous British porcelain brand Wedgwood, several famous bone china brands in the world are gathered in Europe, including several major British brands including Wedgwood: Royal Dalton, Royal Vasese, as well as Hermes in France, Royal Copenhagen in Denmark and Rosenthal in Germany are very famous.

 TomWedgwood said that the British bone china brand pays great attention to the hand-painting process. Many brands invite artists to participate in the design and manufacture of the color, and intend to integrate the bone porcelain products with the art. Therefore, the British bone china has always been the favorite of porcelain collectors. Tom Wedgwood said that it should be used to communicate with bone china using touch, sight and hearing. When you meet the bone china, the aristocratic temperament in her bones is inadvertently revealed.

 Bone china is more precious because it is designed to be simple and concise, and requires higher technology during molding.

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