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'Imitation ceramic tableware' that will 'detoxify' at high temperatures

by:Two Eight     2019-01-04

Recently, some media revealed that experts from the National Inspection Center said that the plastic raw materials of inferior melamine tableware (commonly known as imitation ceramic tableware) do not polymerize well, and melamine remains, which releases melamine molecules at high temperatures. If you use it to hold food, it will have an impact on the human body.

On November 27th, I visited the supermarkets such as RT-Mart and Times Super Shopping. I found that there are many kinds of imitation ceramic tableware in these supermarkets, such as some couples' cups, Hill's tableware and Tongfu melamine tableware. Tableware is produced in Fujian Dehua, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Kunshan, Jiangsu, and Taizhou, Zhejiang. The main dishes are dishes, fruit bowls, and water cups.

In the RT-Mart supermarket, the reporter asked the supermarket guide if he knew what the imitation ceramic tableware was. The guide bought a blank face: I haven't heard of imitation ceramic tableware, anyway, our ceramic tableware is here. Later, she also found another shopping guide, and he said that it was not clear which one was imitation ceramic tableware. The reporter asked if long-term use of melamine tableware is toxic, or whether melamine will be released under high temperature conditions, they are not clear.

At the entrance of several supermarkets in the city, the reporter also randomly interviewed several people who bought tableware. They also said that they did not know what imitation ceramic tableware. When the reporter told them that they look like porcelain, but they are lighter than porcelain, stylish and colorful, they only said they saw it, but rarely bought it.

Note that only a few of these tableware are marked with the qs mark, with the product number, and indicate that it is non-toxic, odorless, resistant to falling, and the temperature cannot exceed 120 degrees Celsius, but it does not indicate which foods are not suitable for holding. It is reported that the current use of melamine imitation ceramic products in China has always been 'sanitary standard for melamine molded products for food packaging' gb9690— 88, this standard was promulgated in August 1988, implemented in June 1989. Since the melamine migration test is not required by national standards, the safety of melamine tableware melamine cannot be evaluated, especially for the safety of melamine tableware containing oily foods and alcohol.

Industry insiders reminded that this melamine tableware should not be used for long-term storage of acidic, oily, alkaline foods, especially not to put more oily food in melamine tableware to prevent it from releasing toxic substances. The quality supervision department reminds that when purchasing such products, we must first look for the qs mark, pay attention to the information of the manufacturer, and it is best not to buy the same kind of goods on the market.

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