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How to care for porcelain tableware?


Two Eight-How To Care For Porcelain Tableware

The primary ingredient in producing porcelain tableware is porcelain ceramics which was first found in China. Porcelain tableware was invented by the Chinese at 4000 B.C. and gradually improve the making with high-fired at 500 B.C. If you notice you can get from China the most as they are the biggest porcelain tableware manufacturers. The clays in stoneware and the earthenware used to make dishware, vases, and decorative tableware are different from porcelain clays. The clay mixed with porcelain stone requires higher heat temperature which will then develop as hard as glass-like and create a translucent surface, sometimes before firing it will be pigments and glaze.

Don't get confused!

Later days Europeans start to make their own however instead of using porcelain clay they are using kaolin clay which founded in Germany. But they are still using the same process as the Chinese.

At about the same time, other types developed in England. Interestingly they are using cow bones into the mixture, thus this creates bone china porcelain tableware even thinner, stronger and more translucent than porcelain tableware.

And now it has developed across the globe for porcelain tableware manufacturers, you can even get it from Vietnam.

From individual five-star hotels, premium restaurants, innovative caterer, professionals, and personal home are using porcelain tableware. Due to its variety and availability, the consumer can purchase as deem fit for their using. Some even purchase just to put it as a display. Even if it is from the same porcelain tableware manufacturers, it may look alike but they are not, even the pricing can be a huge difference. Believe it or not, porcelain tableware can be as great as 1000 years.

Simple quick tips in purchasing are you can identify porcelain from other types by its lightness and the mirror-like surface on the items and definitely in pure white. Keep in mind that other clays used will produce thicker as they bake at lower temperatures and will be gray, brown or rusty red color due to its content. As you can see, there are still many out there prefer handmade rather than build by the machine. And this resulted in high demand and price for it. 

The longer life span of porcelain tableware

These days, a lot of people scared of using fine china and valuable porcelain. There are others who fear by these precious delicates tableware will be damage in the midst of using it, my microwave oven or dishwasher.

Porcelain lovers, keep it in storage and lock it isn't the only thing to keep longer living of your unique porcelain tableware. Here are some tips of making it possible for everyday use while still, maintain quality and safety:

●Best to purchase a complete set with extra place settings and tea/coffee set, as you want to make sure it will be at utmost care.

●Never use a metal. 

●Using a rubber spatula is better than using metal utensils because they will scrape the porcelain

●Use a wash basin made of a soft material like plastic inside the sink for washing

●Most porcelain can be used safely for dishwasher and microwave ovens, check it before you purchase.

Special attention to:

●If the porcelain dishes have metallic gold or silver decorations, it is best to clean by hand.

●Avoid drastic change of temperature. It is safe for the freeze. But be mindful as taking the serving dish out from the refrigerator and heat up with a microwave oven or pour hot dish on it.

●If you are not washing your dish right away, the dry food on the place should be rinsed with hot water. Anyway, it is best to wash it right away or before dry after using.

●For coffee/tea stains, you remove easily by using the specialized stain remover. So instead of scrubbing it hard that could jeopardize it, you might as well get the remover.

●Sometimes by using stainless stills or aluminum can leave dark marks on the surface which will not damage the glaze. It can be removed with vinegar or stainless-steel cleaner but recommended to use quality stainless steel product.

It is possible to use these beauties on a daily basis. If accidents occur, you can purchase that individual piece however subject to availability, how old the sets are, will be much more difficult to get. And be ready to prepare your pocket as it may not come cheap for replacement compare getting a new set. Porcelain commonly thought to be fragile, to your surprise it is one of the toughest ceramic materials in the world. So, what are you waiting for? Quick get one sets to accommodate your daily use with utmost confidence.

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