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Guangxi ceramics fight against EU anti-dumping

by:Two Eight     2019-01-20

 In May 2013, the EU made an anti-dumping final ruling on daily-use ceramic tableware originating in China. The results of the ruling made the ceramics industry in Guangxi a little relieved. The ceramic companies that responded to the group received a relatively low anti-dumping duty rate of 17.9%, and Guangxi Sanhuan Group (hereinafter referred to as the third ring) was allowed to levy 13.1. The anti-dumping tax rate of % is the lowest in the country.

 Although it is not a complete victory, Guangxi ceramics enterprises have objectively lowered the national average tax rate and maximized the export share of Chinese ceramic tableware products to the EU market. On August 8th, talking about the battle that was called the largest anti-dumping action by the industry in the industry, Xu Wulin, the full-time vice president of the Guangxi Ceramic Industry Association, still couldn't hide his pride.

 However, in Guangxi ceramics industry insiders, the bigger challenge is still behind the company's 5 years later, the EU will also conduct a review, Guangxi daily-use ceramics still need to struggle. Today, these companies have adopted ways to expand domestic sales channels, technological transformation and promote industrial upgrading, hoping to adhere to the results of this export defense war.


 EU launches anti-dumping investigation against Chinese tableware ceramics

 A cloud over the head finally drifted away. On August 8, Chen Mei, vice president of Sanhuan, described the state of mind after the final decision of the EU.

 On February 16, 2012, I received an official anti-dumping investigation on Chinese ceramic kitchen utensils from the European Union. Chen Mei was not surprised — this cloud has been floating on the head of Guangxi ceramics for 6 years.

 As early as March 2006 and July 2010, the Ministry of Commerce issued early warning information on EU anti-dumping to Chinese daily-use ceramics companies. At that time, the relevant EU industry alliance believed that the products exported by China to the EU countries were sold at a price lower than its normal value, causing damage to similar industries in the local area. Therefore, a proposal for anti-dumping investigations on Chinese daily-use ceramics was submitted, but The case was not filed under the coordination of the party.

 This time, in the context of the European debt crisis and the spread of trade protectionism, the EU officially opened the case. According to the data, in the EU anti-dumping investigation, the amount involved in the case was more than 700 million US dollars, involving more than 2,000 Chinese enterprises.

 Although it is expected, Guangxi ceramics industry is still inevitably showing concern. For a long time, China's daily-use ceramics accounted for 60% of the EU's market share. According to customs statistics, more than 70% of the ceramic products exported to the EU are manufactured in Guangxi. In September 2011, the European Union issued a ruling that imposed a high anti-dumping tax rate of 69.7% on China's building ceramics industry. For the next five years, it was implemented at this rate. The car in front of the car left a shadow in the ceramic industry in Guangxi. Chen Mei said that if the tariffs are greatly increased, the prices of products exported to the EU will inevitably rise, which will greatly weaken the competitiveness of Guangxi ceramic products.

 First battle

 The EU's preliminary ruling three rings received the highest tax rate

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