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EU's trade survey on China's export products presents three major characteristics

by:Two Eight     2019-01-18

 China is the EU's largest source of imports and the country with the largest number of EU trade surveys. Since 2013, the EU has intensified its trade investigation on China's export products and has presented some new trends that require attention.

 First, the investigation has increased and the punishment measures have been strengthened. According to statistics, since 2013, the EU has ruled on 8 anti-dumping and countervailing duties on Chinese products, and newly initiated four cases of trade remedy investigations. Up to now, 19 of the 30 anti-dumping and countervailing investigations conducted by the European Commission have directly targeted China's products. Judging from the results of the ruling, the anti-dumping and countervailing duty rates for Chinese products are generally higher. On May 14, the EU made an anti-dumping final ruling on malleable cast iron threaded pipes and joints, ruling that the general anti-dumping tax rate of Chinese enterprises was 57.8%, which was 42.3 percentage points higher than the Thai enterprises decided by the same case; on May 15, the EU against the origin The anti-dumping final ruling was made in China's ceramic tableware and kitchen utensils, and the general anti-dumping tax rate for Chinese enterprises was 36.1%.

 Second, the investigation spread to the high-end industry, and the amount involved was significantly increased. From the recent EU investigation of China's trade investigation, the products involve many fields such as electromechanical, metallurgy, chemical, steel, automobile, building materials, food, textiles, etc., and are expanding from traditional labor-intensive industries to high-end strategies such as photovoltaics and electronic products. Sex industry. In 2012, the EU launched the largest trade survey in China's history of PV products, involving more than 100 PV companies and more than US$20 billion in export PV products. Recently, the EU has determined that China's Huawei, ZTE and other companies have violated the region. Anti-dumping and countervailing regulations are preparing for a double-reverse investigation of the two companies. China exports more than 1 billion euros worth of telecommunications network equipment to Europe each year, accounting for a quarter of the European market. The photovoltaic case and the double-reverse investigation of China's telecom products that may be initiated by the EU will account for nearly 10% of the total bilateral trade between China and the EU.

 Third, the number of investigation methods has increased, and independent and anti-circumvention investigations have become a trend. The European Commission recently issued a proposal for the modernization of trade protection tools, which stipulates that if a European company's application for a trade investigation of a country's products may trigger retaliation in the country, the European Commission will have the right to file its own case without first applying by the enterprise. If the EU's trade investigations initiated by Huawei and ZTE are filed, it will become the first independent investigation practice case of this clause. In addition, the EU has intensified its investigation into the evasive measures taken by China's anti-dumping companies involved in re-exporting or exporting parts directly to the investigating country. Since 2012, the EU has initiated six anti-circumvention investigations against China. Once the investigation is established, Chinese companies will be subject to the highest rate of anti-dumping duties. In 2011, the EU imposed an 85% anti-tax avoidance ruling on the products I was re-exported from Malaysia.


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