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EU imposes temporary anti-dumping duties on ceramics, Hunan ceramics orders decline

by:Two Eight     1970-01-01

 In February this year, the European Commission announced an anti-dumping investigation against ceramic tableware and kitchen utensils exported from China to Europe. More than 2,000 domestic enterprises including 85 ceramic enterprises in Hunan are waiting for this result.

 According to the website of the Ministry of Commerce, on November 15, the European Union issued a notice to impose a temporary anti-dumping duty on ceramic tableware originating in China. The tax rate is 17.6% & mdash; 58.8%, and the implementation period is 6 months. Among them, the tax rate of 398 responding enterprises was 17.6% & mdash; 31.2%, and the tax rate of not participating in the responding enterprises was 58.8%. It is understood that the EU usually imposes a tariff of about 13% on daily-use ceramics imported from China.

 Impact: a large number of ceramic enterprises or out of the EU market

 Hunan has become one of the major export provinces for daily-use ceramics. This news has spread.

 Hunan Taixin Porcelain Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Taixin Porcelain), which participated in this round of responding, received an e-mail on the 15th of the temporary tariff. If the company's daily-use ceramics continue to be exported to the EU, it will temporarily impose a new tax of 26.6. %. That is to say, for every $100 increase in the import value of EU importers from Taixin Porcelain, the importer will pay an additional tax of US$26.6 to the local government. This will directly affect the purchaser's order quantity, and export enterprises will be affected. Liu Ting, deputy general manager of Taixin Porcelain, is expected.

 According to Zhang Yi, the general anti-dumping defense lawyer in China's daily-use ceramics industry, according to this new tax rate, a large number of daily-use ceramic foreign trade enterprises will be eliminated from the EU market. At present, only 300-400 daily-use ceramic enterprises in China have the strength to continue to export to the EU. Previously, 2000-3000 daily-use ceramic enterprises in China were active in the EU market.

 This is only a temporary ruling, and there will be a final ruling in May next year. Zhang Yi said that from the preliminary ruling, 14 countries in the EU's 27 member states are opposed to anti-dumping duties. If this situation continues, the EU will not impose anti-dumping duties on daily-use ceramics imported from China. It is.

 Status: EU orders slip in the second half of the year

 The final result has not been made, the ceramic enterprises in Hunan have already felt the chill of winter. The EU accounts for about 20% of our export market. Yang Chunhui, manager of the foreign trade department of Hunan Quanxiang Ceramics Co., Ltd., said that the order volume in the second half of the year was significantly reduced, which is estimated to be about 20% lower than the first half.

 The impact felt by Taixin Porcelain is even more obvious. Liu Ting recalled that the EU orders began to decrease from May this year. According to reports, in 2011, Taixin Porcelain's daily ceramics exports amounted to 12 million US dollars, of which the EU market accounted for 5 million US dollars. Due to the decline in orders, a 400-person factory owned by Taixin has laid off 80 people.

 Yang Chunhui is relatively optimistic about the temporary tariffs, and some EU customers report that as long as the new tax does not exceed 30%, they will consider insisting on placing orders in China.

 According to Changsha Customs, in the first 10 months of this year, Hunan’s exports of ceramics to the EU were US$81.46 million, a year-on-year increase of 27.2%. From January to October, Hunan had 89 daily-use ceramics enterprises with export performance to the EU, an increase of 6 over the same period last year.

 Why does Hunan's daily-use ceramics exports continue to grow in the shadow of EU anti-dumping? Yang Chunhui believes that many customers choose to stock in advance in order to avoid high anti-dumping duties, which makes the orders in the first half of this year more optimistic.

 Li Xia, deputy director of the Fuling Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said that the impact is still not obvious. However, some ceramic companies currently reflect that orders are not sufficient. At the 112th Canton Fair, the export turnover of Fuling Ceramics Enterprises was 43.5 million US dollars, a decrease of 7.4% from the previous session. The EU's temporary tariffs will have a major impact on China's daily-use ceramics exports, and the extent of the impact remains to be further monitored. Zhang Xiaohui, General Information Department of Changsha Customs, introduced.

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