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Ecuador will implement 200-day temporary tariff protection for China Jianwei Ceramics

by:Two Eight     1970-01-01

According to reports, the Ministry of Industry recommended that a 200-day temporary tariff protection measure be applied to ceramic products imported from China until the investigation of special safeguards for Chinese products ends.

According to reports, Chinese-made flat ceramics and ceramic tableware may be subject to a surcharge in the near future.

In March of this year, the Ministry of Industry and Industry passed a resolution on launching special protection investigations for Chinese products, and launched investigations on Chinese-made ceramic tiles, household ceramic tableware, kitchen utensils, ceramic sanitary ware and other products.

According to reports, the investigation committee of the Ministry of Industry of the People's Republic of China analyzed the impact of Chinese ceramic products on the domestic market and determined that the above products caused damage to domestic production. The committee has informed the WTO about the investigation.

According to the statistics of the Central Bank of Ecuador, the import value of China's ceramic products in 2006 was US$6.3 million, and in 2002 it was US$130,000.

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