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The luxury of everyday life: choose modern restaurant dinnerware


The luxury of everyday life choose modern restaurant dinnerware-2

The luxury of everyday life: choose modern restaurant dinnerware

It is important not only what we eat and how the dishes are cooked, but also how they are served. Fashionable and beautiful dishes will be the highlight of any of your meal!

Modern restaurant dinnerware keeps the imprint of our self, our ideas about comfort and beauty. That is why the importance of the smallest details should not be underestimated - even favorite trinkets and souvenirs have an important function: they remind of distant trips and travels, creating a special mood.

And furniture, home textiles, dishes, lamps, and other interior decor items create a comfortable atmosphere for you and your family, which allows you to fully relax and stimulates new challenges, and this means that it largely determines your quality of life.

Modern restaurant dinnerware - one of the most important components of the atmosphere at home

No wonder it is believed that an exquisitely served table can determine the success of dinner. After all, it is important not only what we eat and how the dishes are prepared, but also how they are served, how appetizing they look and how the table is decorated.

To help in this, at first glance, the difficult art of creating a beautiful life can leading manufacturers of dishes. The French concern ARC International, which owns the Luminarc brand, widely known all over the world, annually produces more than 30 new lines of dishes that are considered a model of refined taste and everyday fashion.

Housewares: fashion trends

The well-known design International, with the help of which the design of Luminarc modern restaurant dinnerware is being developed, constantly conducts research on the preferences of customers from different countries and develops product lines specifically for each market. In many respects thanks to this research, manufacturers not only keep up with fashion in dishes but also determine it. What is at the peak now? Designers assure: favorites are natural motives, naturalness, and naturalness.

A series of tableware Romania

Created in accordance with one of the most popular trends of this fashion season - the floral concept, the series of tableware made of opal glass Romania draws attention to itself by its delicate floral pattern and delicate festoons on the edge of plates and salad bowls.

This truly elegant tableware will tell a lot about your delicate taste and ability to follow the latest trends in the fashion world.

Victoire Tableware Series


The luxury of everyday life: choose stylish dishes for home

Another new product of this year - the Victoire tableware series - attracts attention with its original bright decor combining graphics and floral elements, as well as current colors. Delicate shades of lilac and pink colors manifest themselves with bright notes of blue and orange.

This dish will appeal to all optimists and lovers of rich, bright colors. She will give a great mood and will add sophistication as a daily meal, and a solemn dinner.

Stoneman Tableware Series

The luxury of everyday life: choose stylish modern restaurant dinnerware dishes for home

The Stoneman line will appeal to innovators and originals, adherents of an original approach to the table setting. The cookware of this series was created under the influence of current trends of minimalism with a slight influence of ethics.

The original shape of the items in this series and the stylish, modern design that resembles the surface of ceramic dishes will emphasize the non-standard approach to the table setting. At full visibility of ceramics, the dishes are made of glass, which means that they are durable and hygienic!

The series includes optimistic orange, carmine-red, bright blue, nobly gray and milk plates, cups, saucers and salad bowls. All of them are perfectly combined with each other, allowing each time to please loved ones with new table decor.

Insouciance Tableware Series

The luxury of everyday life: choose stylish dishes for home

The Insouciance tableware line of Zenix material, which is unique in its qualities, attracts attention with the charming form of Volare, evoking memories of flower buds, and bright modern decor - poppy petals fly downwind easily and gently.

This bright, modern series is able to instantly create the right mood. The solemn dinner served by this dish will be remembered by each guest. And if you use the set to decorate a romantic dinner for two, it will take far fewer words to say the most important things. Your feelings will give a wonderfully refined tenderness of this beautiful tableware.

Yalta Tableware Series

The luxury of everyday life: choose stylish modern restaurant dinnerware dishes for home

The Yalta series, also made from Zenix material, will give a great mood and will give French charm to both a daily meal and a solemn dinner. The plates, salad bowls, cups and bowls of this series are distinguished at the same time by their exquisite brevity and fancy design of forms and immediately attract attention.


Any dishes served on the dishes of this modern line will look luxurious like cooked in a gourmet restaurant. Original combinations of black and white serving items will refresh the interior.

Choosing dishes: the advantages of quality

Crockery Luminarc - it is always bright, exclusive-to-date design and practicality in the kitchen, the dining room table real decoration. Ware brand is made from high-quality material - impact-resistant glass, created by special melting technologies. The process of hardening, or hardening, which consists in the rapid cooling of a product heated to a high temperature, gives this pot increased strength.

Such dishes have an absolutely smooth non-porous surface, which makes it particularly hygienic, excluding the penetration of bacteria. And with a very strong impact, the dishes break up into a lot of non-sharp pieces, which practically excludes the possibility of a cut.

Utensils designed for intensive daily use. Bright pictures will not lose their color even with intensive use of dishes in the microwave or dishwasher.

Ware of the famous French brand won the hearts of Russian consumers long ago and became in our country a real trendsetter in decorating the table. The widest choice of lines, elegant design and proven quality of this dish for many years of operation make it a recognized favorite of consumer demand in Russia and neighboring countries.

Do not limit your imagination - allow yourself the most courageous solutions to decorate the table and create comfort in the house!

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