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Chinese daily-use ceramics enterprises fall into anti-dumping 'encirclement circle'

by:Two Eight     1970-01-01

 One of the key words that the daily-use ceramics companies that appear in this year's China Fair are in anti-dumping. In 2012, starting from the European Union, Mexico, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Brazil successively launched anti-dumping investigations, which almost caused Chinese daily-use ceramic enterprises to fall into the encirclement.

 In this regard, the relevant person in the import and export department of Shandong Yinfeng Co., Ltd., who has responded to the EU, told the reporter that if the anti-dumping tax rate is finally implemented, it will bring the industry to reshuffle, which is also beneficial to the large-scale export enterprises. one side.

 Chinese daily-use ceramics enterprises fall into the anti-dumping encirclement

 EU anti-dumping duty up to 58.8%

 On February 17, 2012, the EU initiated an anti-dumping investigation against Chinese ceramics. At the end of the year, it made an initial anti-dumping ruling against more than 2,000 domestic ceramic enterprises, and imposed a temporary tax rate of 17.6%-58.8% for a period of six months. On May 15 this year, the EU will vote on the import tariff of Chinese ceramics. The final approval will be valid for up to five years.

 Not only the European Union, on August 30 last year, Mexico also launched an anti-dumping investigation on Chinese daily-use ceramics, involving a total amount of US$45 million. On August 31, the Russian, Belarusian and Kazakhstan Economic Community initiated general protection measures for daily-use ceramics. The investigation, in order to protect the domestic industry, introduced technical trade measures; on December 26, the Brazilian Ministry of Trade and Development also decided to launch an anti-dumping investigation on Chinese daily-use ceramic tableware products, and announced the list of sampled enterprises in January this year.

 For a time, Chinese daily-use ceramics companies seem to have fallen into an anti-dumping encirclement. In addition to anti-dumping duties, the international market is increasingly proposing various technical standards, and even the commercial social responsibility standards such as BSCI, which further improves the testing and certification costs of exporting enterprises.

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