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Ceramic tableware new products crack the knife and fork scratch problem

by:Two Eight     2019-01-13

 IKEA is the world's largest retailer of furniture and household goods, with more than 1,000 suppliers in countries around the world. Westerners used to cut food with metal knives and forks when eating. If they were not careful, they would leave a scratch on the surface of the glaze of ceramic tableware.

 To this end, IKEA seeks solutions from ceramic suppliers in the world who have a cooperative relationship with them, but has never found a good solution. In 2008, Hualian Porcelain developed a number of new products for IKEA. IKEA proposed to Hualian Porcelain that it can improve the resistance of metal cutting and cutting of these products.

 The technicians of Hualian Porcelain have carried out many trials, but they have been in trouble again and again: a layer of transparent glaze is sprayed on the original glaze to form a protective film. Although there is a certain effect, the pass rate is not high. Replacing part of zirconium silicate with tin oxide as an opacifier has a good effect but greatly increases the cost. Increasing the firing temperature produces side effects that significantly deviate from the color.

 Finally, Hualian Porcelain started with the change of ceramic formula and finally achieved success. At the end of last year, after experimenting with more than 500 recipes, the company finally developed a new product. After the sample was sent to the IKEA headquarters in Sweden, it passed the test.

 At the beginning of this year, the ceramics technical engineer of the IKEA headquarters in Sweden sent a congratulatory letter to Hualian Porcelain, congratulating the company on the world's first solution to the problem of scratching the metal cutlery of ceramic tableware. Hualian Porcelain technicians introduced the problem of scratching the metal knife and fork scratches, which is called the Goldbach conjecture in the ceramic industry.

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