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Ceramic tableware has become the preferred tableware for consumers

by:Two Eight     1970-01-01

 China Library China News Driven by China's market demand, the ceramic industry has rapidly entered the tableware industry, driving the rapid growth of the ceramic economy. With the increasing popularity of ceramic tableware, the problem of the normal use of ceramic tableware has been highly concerned by people. The following is a brief introduction to the problems that should be paid attention to in the use of ceramic tableware.

 Home dining has ceramic, plastic, metal and other materials. Metallic materials cannot be heated in a microwave oven. Plastic products can only be heated by microwave if the wording of the microwave oven is marked. Ceramic products can be heated by microwave, but white porcelain (that is, no colored glaze) is needed. Because the color glaze encounters high temperature, it will release harmful substances. Currently, there are microwave-specific ceramic products on the market, which should be used.

 Picture: High-end tableware 70 sun god European tableware

 Industry insiders suggest that you should try to go to regular shopping malls and supermarkets to buy, don't buy cheaply on small stalls or roadside trolleys; when choosing ceramic tableware, don't use glaze color decoration, especially when it comes into contact with food. The ceramic tableware of the color decoration can be immersed in vinegar to melt most of the lead before using the newly purchased ceramic tableware. When using it, do not use colored ceramic tableware to hold acidic food.

 The use of ceramic tableware has greatly enriched our lives. But also pay attention to some details in the purchase and use of ceramic tableware, try to choose a regular store to buy.

 The tableware market is full of variety, and all kinds of exquisite goods are always addictive, but for safety and health reasons, most people are now willing to use ceramic tableware. When buying stainless steel tableware, they also pay special attention to selecting high-quality products.

 Some time ago, the news about the unqualified safety index of a brand of stainless steel kitchen utensils has aroused widespread concern in the society. The relevant departments have detected that unqualified stainless steel kitchen utensils and meals may lead to an increase in the incidence of some diseases, which makes people who are concerned about health very Worried, many people no longer use the brand's stainless steel products, and many families have also cleaned up their stainless steel kitchen utensils and tableware.

 Some households use ceramic products instead of stainless steel products. Household tableware is mainly made of ceramics. The reporter noticed that ceramic tableware in large supermarkets is very popular, especially when some brand ceramic tableware is promoted, it will always attract many customers. Less citizens say that ceramic tableware is safer, but it is also necessary to choose good quality, low-cost products are still not worrying, after all, tableware is very important for human health, not free. If you use stainless steel products, you have to choose to pass the test, otherwise there may be health risks.

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