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Ceramic tableware fight 'set' Consumer preference for grades

by:Two Eight     2019-01-14

 According to data released by the China Ceramic Industry Association recently, in April 2014, Zhongqing Ceramics' main business income index was 91.75, an increase of 1.26 from the previous month. In the first four months of this year, the total profits of enterprises above designated size in the national ceramics industry increased by 19.54% year-on-year. In April, the total profit was 1.682 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.89%.

 Nowadays, the daily-use ceramic products on the market show a diversified and individualized development trend. Various creative ceramic handicrafts are going to the public. As the fan economy heats up, more and more urban consumers are beginning to look at ceramic products.

 Nowadays, many consumers prefer high-end and exquisite suits when purchasing ceramic tableware. In this regard, industry insiders say that the consumption structure of daily-use ceramics is changing, sales of single-piece products are weakening, serialization and complete sets. It is a new trend in the consumer market.

 Porcelain set

 Recently, I visited the household tableware sales areas of many supermarkets and electric appliances in Beijing, and learned that high-end set ceramic tableware has become the main product of each store. According to the relevant staff of the Tesco Shi ceramic tableware sales area, the trend of segmentation of ceramic tableware has become more and more obvious in recent years. From tableware, all kinds of dishes to ashtrays, toothpick holders, soup pots and other items, there are 28 pieces of large and small matching kitchen utensils and 56 pieces. Moreover, compared to single-piece tableware, the ceramic tableware of the complete design is not only high in price but also more optimistic in sales.

 After comparing a variety of sets of ceramic tableware, I learned that the price of several hot products is concentrated between 300 yuan and 1,000 yuan. Compared with the retail price of single-piece tableware of 10 yuan - 50 yuan, the price of the package is higher. Buying a plate at least eight or nine yuan, the quality of a good one also has three or forty, more than 20 rice bowls and plates, at least four or five hundred yuan, so, overall, it is a cost-effective package. The staff of Carrefour Supermarket Dinghuiqiao said this when recommending a luxurious set of ceramic tableware.

 Now the overall sales of single-piece products are declining, and many companies are pushing this set of ceramic tableware. The person in charge of the Lexiang Porcelain Store mentioned in the interview that the ceramic tableware set with different colors, unique designs and simple fashion has become one of the competition focus of the industry peers. Many porcelain brands are asking designers to do different styles to meet different consumer needs. The purpose is to make the whole package designed to be healthy and practical, but also beautiful and high-end.

 Prefer to the grade

 A number of consumers interviewed randomly said that the set of ceramic tableware is more attractive to themselves, because the unified design is not only beautiful, natural, but also very graded and more comfortable to use.

 The set of tableware is really beautiful, it is also convenient to use, and it seems that life is very tasteful. Ms. Sun, who lives in Jiulong Garden in Chaoyang District, said that she has purchased a set of 56 configuration packages of nearly 1,000 yuan, which is very comfortable to use, and the set of tableware sets off the whole family dining environment.

 You can buy a set of tableware to give gifts directly, and now it is also very good to send this. Ms. Zhou, who lives in Randhuating, Haidian District, admits that the set of tableware was court-level treatment. With the increasing variety of branded tableware on the market, I also began to involuntarily favor this high-end atmospheric gift.

 Zero is the whole trend

 Today, daily-use ceramic products are also beginning to pursue complete design. On June 12, Xie, who has been engaged in the sales of porcelain for many years, said that the consumption structure of daily-use ceramics is changing, the sales volume of single-piece products continues to weaken, and the trend of product design is becoming more and more complete, and serialization and complete sets become daily-use ceramics. A new trend in the product consumer market.

 Manager Xie also mentioned that as consumer demand and levels become higher and higher, the demand for high-quality, complete sets of products is gradually increasing, and the polarization of ceramic products will be weakened. In order to reflect the more high-end and exquisite lifestyle, more and more urban consumers will choose the whole set of ceramic tableware, the price factor of the product will be diluted, and the brand awareness and product culture concept will be further deepened. Xiao Qiong

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