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Anti-dumping in the world continues, how does Chinese ceramics break through?

by:Two Eight     1970-01-01

 After the EU, Argentina, and Brazil successively launched anti-dumping on China's ceramic industry, the Chinese ceramic industry has reached a moment of reflection: How should we win the anti-dumping war? How can China's ceramic industry really get rid of the low value-added dilemma. It is currently preparing to negotiate with the Brazilian side, but the situation is not exaggerated. A person in charge of the Information Department of China Ceramic Industry Association, who is preparing for the industry anti-dumping work conference, told reporters.

 The exaggeration in the population is the devastating blow to some ceramic companies after Brazil’s recent announcement of the anti-dumping preliminary results of China’s ceramic tableware. In fact, after experiencing the anti-dumping sniper campaign initiated by the EU, Argentina and other places on China's ceramic products, China's ceramic industry has experienced a lot of trouble. However, while the external troubles are entangled, the internal worries of the ceramic industry are always constant. How to find a way out under the dual pressure is the key to the development of the ceramic industry in the future. It is necessary to strictly regulate internal behaviors and actively respond to external disputes in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the entire industry. The person in charge said.

 Anti-dumping in the world continues, how does Chinese ceramics break through?

 Ceramic industry under heavy pressure

 For the ceramic industry, the frequent anti-dumping investigations in recent years are undoubtedly the most serious external problems.

 A recent anti-dumping investigation took place on July 29 this year, Brazil announced the preliminary results of the anti-dumping case of ceramic tableware. The results show that the Pakistani side will impose a temporary anti-dumping duty of up to 1.34 to 4.66 US dollars / kg from July 30 until the final ruling. According to calculations, the preliminary ruling will involve the case amounting to as much as 70 million US dollars, and more than 1,000 Chinese ceramic export enterprises will be affected.

 However, this is not the first time Brazil has suppressed the Chinese ceramics industry.

 As early as 2011, Brazil attacked China's ceramic tiles and increased import tariffs from 15% to 35%. Also in July of this year, the Brazilian Trade Protection Agency issued a notice saying that it would launch an anti-dumping investigation against unglazed ceramic tiles in China. The alleged dumping margin is $15.50/m2 and a punitive tariff of 264.1% is imposed.

 Brazil has repeatedly shot against China. What is the reason behind it? The reporter learned from the China Ceramic Industry Association that daily-use ceramics are essential for ordinary people, but because of the low degree of mechanization, it is a typical labor-intensive industry and needs a lot of cheap. Labor is produced. As the world's largest producer of daily-use ceramics, China's production accounts for about 70% of world production, and exports to overseas accounts for more than 10%. Therefore, it has a greater dependence on overseas production. At this time, once an anti-dumping investigation is filed in a foreign market, it can often achieve results. At most, it will reduce the anti-dumping tax rate to a certain extent in the final ruling, and still play a trade protection role for the domestic market.

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