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Anhua Porcelain Rebuilds Production Line Ceramic Bottles will produce 120,000 pieces per day.

by:Two Eight     1970-01-01

Recently, Shandong Anhua Porcelain Co., Ltd. invested more than 26 million yuan to build a third production line. After the new production line is put into production, it will further enhance the production capacity and technical level of Anhua Porcelain.

Recently, it is the off-season of liquor sales, but the production workshop of Shandong Anhua Porcelain Co., Ltd. is a busy production scene.

It is understood that Shandong Anhua Porcelain Co., Ltd. has built a new 80-meter international advanced level energy-saving natural gas roller kiln production line with high efficiency, energy saving and pollution-free features. While greatly improving the production efficiency and product quality of the enterprise, the cost of each bottle can be reduced by 0.12 yuan, saving 3.2 million yuan a year.

Recently, the company's new production line project is under construction. It is expected to be put into operation in July. After the project is put into production, the annual production value will be more than 90 million yuan. By then, the company's production capacity will reach 120,000 pieces of various ceramic bottles of Nissan.

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