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A new round of anti-dumping investigations on ceramics attacked thousands of ceramic enterprises

by:Two Eight     1970-01-01

 The $0.7 cup is exported to the EU for $3.50 and the domestic company is only $0.10. It is such a low gross margin industry that is currently facing the EU's anti-dumping threat to China.

 On February 14, the China Ceramic Industry Association issued the 'Notice on Preparing for the Anti-dumping Preparation of EU Ceramic Kitchen Tableware'. The 'Notice' pointed out that the EU has initiated anti-dumping matters on the production of ceramic tableware in China. Filed this month. The relevant person in charge of the China Ceramic Industry Association told the 'First Financial Daily' reporter that once the case was filed, more than 2,000 daily-use ceramics manufacturers will be affected.

 After the EU filed the case, this will be the second anti-dumping initiated against Indonesian ceramic tableware after the Indonesian anti-dumping investigation on ceramic tableware (daily ceramics). It is also the EU’s last year’s high anti-dumping duty on Chinese building ceramics. Anti-dumping incidents in China's ceramic industry. In addition, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil and other countries have also set trade barriers, and the export situation of China's ceramics industry will be more severe in the future.

 A new round of anti-dumping investigations on ceramics attacked thousands of ceramic enterprises

 Declining export volume

 According to the statistics of China Ceramic Industry Association, in 2011, the cumulative amount of kitchen utensils exported to the EU in China exceeded US$700 million. The person in charge of the Chinese ceramics industry told the reporter that the EU had previously imposed high anti-dumping duties on building ceramics exported from China, but the amount of building ceramics exported to the EU each year is about 300 million US dollars, accounting for only about 1% of the total amount of exported building ceramics. In addition, China's domestic building ceramics market continues to grow, and the proportion of ceramics produced by exports is small, and the impact is not large. The daily-use ceramics that may be launched for anti-dumping are more dependent on overseas markets, accounting for about 11% of China's total exports, and more than 2,000 companies will be affected. Considering that the degree of mechanization of daily-use ceramics is very low, daily-use ceramics are labor-intensive industries in China, and the number of labor involved is even larger.

 The reason why the EU is considering launching an anti-dumping investigation on China's daily-use ceramics is related to the high market share of China's daily-use ceramics in the EU. According to the Ceramics Industry Association, China is now the largest producer of daily-use ceramics, accounting for about 70% of the world's production. The reporter learned from a number of export-oriented ceramics companies in the European Union that China's daily-use ceramics in the EU market share is close to 50%, is the EU's largest importer of daily-use ceramics.

 Long-term export to the European Union daily-use ceramics company Margolongte bone china company financial director Gao Wei told reporters that because the ceramic industry is a labor-intensive industry, and the EU lacks labor cost advantages, many EU ceramics companies give up production, to China OEM, EU There are very few companies engaged in ceramic production.

 Yang Shuli, sales manager of Guangdong Shunxiang Ceramics Co., Ltd., one of the largest daily-use ceramics manufacturers in China, told reporters that due to the EU debt crisis, the domestic consumption capacity has declined, and the export volume of EU daily-use ceramics has already fallen by about 15% year-on-year. If the anti-dumping is carried out again, the export situation is not optimistic.

 Low gross profit margin

 In fact, China's exports of EU ceramics are extremely low. Yang Yuli told reporters that Shunxiang Ceramics is a good profit, with a gross margin of about 10% and other companies lower. For example, in the case of the US dollar market price of $3.50, the price of the company sold to EU dealers is about 0.7 US dollars, and the company profits only about 0.1 US dollars. The foreign dealers have to pay about US$1.50 for shipping and other expenses, and the actual profit is more than US$1, which is 10 times the profit of Chinese manufacturers. This is true for large enterprises, and other small enterprises are even more difficult. It can be seen that the profits of China's ceramic export enterprises are very low, and the profits are big foreign dealers.

 Previously, the EU imposed a punitive tariff of up to 69.7% on China's export ceramic tile companies, and the validity period was up to 5 years, and may be extended as appropriate. Under the anti-dumping pressure, China's exports to the relevant regional markets have fallen sharply. Foshan Customs statistics show that from January to October 2011, due to anti-dumping measures, Foshan exported 26.85 million square meters of ceramic tiles to the EU, worth 160 million US dollars, the volume and value dropped 24.4% and 20.1% respectively.

 The aforementioned ceramic industry association also stressed that the current EU ceramic industry is not developed. If the import of daily-use ceramics is excessively restricted, it is difficult for local enterprises to meet market demand, resulting in a shortage of supply and a rebound in local prices. Therefore, it is estimated that the EU will not take too strict. The measures limit our exports.

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