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Zhuzhou ceramics exports began to appear due to the impact of EU anti-dumping investigations

by:Two Eight     2019-01-10

 On February 16, the European Union launched an anti-dumping investigation on ceramic tableware and kitchen utensils originating in China. This is affecting the export of ceramics in our city, which is dominated by daily-use porcelain. It is the best policy to open up other overseas markets and improve the technological content of products.

 It was learned from Zhuzhou Customs that in the first five months, the export of ceramics in Zhuzhou City was US$796.42 million. Although it still maintained a growth rate of 16.2%, the growth rate slowed down significantly, which was more than half of the 32.8% in the same period of last year and a 10% decrease from the previous month. .

 According to industry insiders, in addition to actively responding to the investigation, in the near term, ceramic export enterprises are eager to place orders in advance, and shipments can be appropriately reduced before the results are decided in May next year. In the long run, it is necessary to actively explore other than the EU. Other regional markets and increased product added value.

 Ceramic export growth slows

 In mid-July, EU officials will conduct anti-dumping investigations in the future, and we will respond positively. On June 14, Liu Aqin, manager of the European region of Hunan Hualian Porcelain Co., Ltd. (referred to as Hualian Porcelain), said that this is related to the future export of the entire Chinese daily porcelain, including Hualian Porcelain, to the EU market.

 On March 31, the EU announced the list of five companies involved in the anti-dumping sample survey, and Hualian Porcelain was among them.

 In fact, this year, due to the continuous fermentation and anti-dumping investigation of the European debt crisis, the export performance of Hualian Porcelain has been affected. From January to May, the company's exports were US$21.78 million, up only 4% year-on-year, compared with 13% in the same period last year.

 Liu Aqin said that under the influence of anti-dumping investigations, some EU ceramic distributors are slowly reducing the import and order of Chinese ceramics.

 In this spring's Canton Fair, Hualian Porcelain's orders from the European Union fell by more than 50%; after the anti-dumping investigation, Hunan Gangpeng Industrial Co., Ltd. orders also fell by 10% to 15%.

 Under the background of the environment, the ceramics export of Zhuzhou City began to appear due to the impact of the EU anti-dumping investigation. If the final decision is made in May next year, the EU will impose punitive tariffs on China's daily-use ceramics imports. By then, a large number of ceramic export enterprises with price advantages will be squeezed out of the market.

 Looking to Southeast Asia, South America

 In the spring Canton Fair, affected by the EU anti-dumping investigation, China's daily-use ceramics enterprises appeared in the phenomenon of order tides and order shortages.

 This is because, on the one hand, due to the order cycle, some European customers have a wait-and-see attitude. On the other hand, some European customers hope to grab the last barrel of gold before the release of the anti-dumping investigation results and place orders in advance.

 In fact, in order to cope with the impact of the anti-dumping investigation results in May next year, some customers of Hualian Porcelain have already placed orders in advance, for example, the US EMS company specializing in ceramics trading in the European market has booked a lot of goods in advance.

 However, this is only an expedient move. In the long run, ceramic export enterprises must also expand the international market to prevent a sharp drop in exports after the EU market shrinks.

 Hunan Gangpeng Industrial Co., Ltd. is exploring new markets in Africa and South America, and Hualian Porcelain is also actively exploring markets in Southeast Asia and South America.

 We have opened the Argentine and Venezuelan markets this year. Liu Aqin said that last year the company's EU exports amounted to 12 million US dollars, accounting for 17% of the total export volume. The company is expanding other overseas markets.

 At present, daily-use ceramics from China have been subjected to anti-dumping investigations and trade barriers in various regions of the world. Xie Xiangwei, director of Zhuzhou Customs Office in Fuling, said that in terms of connotation, Zhuzhou ceramics enterprises must fundamentally improve the scientific and technological content of daily-use ceramic products, create high-quality daily-use ceramic products, and then increase product prices in order to get out of the shadow of anti-dumping.

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