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Yan control bathroom, is as small as 4m2 is also 365 days face value online

by:Two Eight     1970-01-01

Do you have an eye control? What is a life of beauty control?

A high-level beauty control, people, animals, and still life in a radius of ten are in her well-thought-out goals, from the pattern of the bowl to the color of the floor. The cat at home has a look every day under her dress, without a heavy sample; her selfie in the circle of friends must be refined; her love beans are always tall, tall, white and tender. Meat ……

So, the question is coming. If you have a hostess in your home, how can you hold her up?

There is a bathroom cabinet that is ready to go, ready to go through the trick with the owner.

The first trick: Yan value moment online

Yan control women will be super-conscious about their image, she is good at using all the reflective objects around to determine whether their face value is online, such as subway security doors, car glass, mobile phone screen, even metal spoons are not missed.

The anti-fog mirror of the Vico ceramic bathroom cabinet adopts the high-definition float silver mirror. After the bath, the mirror image is still clear, so that the face value of the hostess is online.

The second measure: article stealth

Yan’s control of the woman’s home is not tolerable. Her bed may be full of clothes before going out every day, but it will be neatly packed before going to bed. Her bathroom countertops are naturally not disorganized, and the cabinets in the cabinets are never placed on the table.

The large storage space of the Vecco bathroom cabinet can help the owner to easily complete the stealth KPI of the hostess. The powerful cabinet can be used to classify the hostess's daily necessities according to their preferences. does not exist!

The third measure: waterproof and anti-makeup

In the first move mentioned above, a Yan control woman has a high requirement for her makeup. Jumping in the gym and sweating for an hour without makeup is a basic requirement. The anti-watercolor makeup is definitely her heart.

I want to hold her at home, and the bathroom cabinet without waterproof and moisture-proof function can't enter her eyes. Weiketao bathroom cabinets are made of high-quality plates and are made of 7 layers of real-life paint, waterproof, moisture-proof and mildew-proof. The environmental protection grade is super-national standard, ensuring that the value of the bathroom cabinets is also online all the year round.

The fourth measure: a variety of styles to choose

Yan control woman can be said to be a group at the forefront of the fashion industry, she will be bolder than the average person, more eye-catching, style change, loli, high cold, handsome, charming any style can easily hold live, no The point strength can't satisfy the style she wants.

Weiketao bathroom cabinets have already learned this point, constantly forging the most popular bathroom cabinets, including retro European style, modern European style, simple Japanese style, classic Chinese style, fresh and rural style. To meet the high aesthetic requirements of the hostess, it is also the most basic requirement for the design of the product.

Over the years, Vicota Sanitary Ware has been striving for a strong product function, while designing better, just as Yan control is attracted by beautiful things, so that every customer can see the Vico ceramic bathroom cabinet at a glance.

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