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The qualified rate of ceramic tableware and sanitary ware in Guangdong Province is only 81.2%.

by:Two Eight     2019-01-21

[According to the Ocean News] The reporter learned from the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce yesterday that the recent inspection reports on ceramic tableware and ceramic sanitary ware in the circulation area of ​​the province show that the qualified rate of ceramic tableware and sanitary ware in our province is only 81.2%, which is close. Two percent of the spot checks were unqualified. In the spot check, it was also found that the ceramic tableware had excessive lead dissolution. If the unqualified tableware was used for a long time, it would cause chronic poisoning.

In response to consumers' concerns about the toxicity of lead dissolution, the relevant person in charge of the Consumer Protection Department of the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce said that the purchase of ceramic tableware is best to choose the inner surface without flower surface decoration or the use of underglaze color, that is, underglaze decals daily ceramic products. Because the lead and cadmium dissolution in its products can generally meet the standard requirements. (editing)

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