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Need to pay attention to the purchase of ceramic tableware

by:Two Eight     1970-01-01

 1, the purchase of ceramic tableware must choose a formal market, must not be cheap to buy inferior products without formal manufacturers. The state stipulates that ceramic tableware should be soaked in 4% acetic acid, the amount of lead dissolved should not exceed 7 mg / liter, and the amount of cadmium dissolved should not exceed 0.5 mg / liter. At present, the products of regular manufacturers can basically meet this requirement;

 2, pay attention to the color of the tableware when buying, touch the surface of the tableware by hand to see if the inner wall is smooth;

 3. Use your nose to smell if there is any smell;

 4. Don't buy ceramic tableware that is too bright. In order to make the color bright, the manufacturer will add some heavy metal additives to the glaze. Therefore, the brighter the color of the tableware, the more easily the heavy metal will exceed the standard;

 5, should purchase raw materials, process control is more strict glaze color, underglaze tableware;

 6. Cut the dishes with boiling water for 5 minutes before use, or soak 2&mdash with vinegar for 3 minutes to dissolve the toxic substances in the tableware.

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