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Leveraging the free trade zone to develop the ASEAN market

by:Two Eight     1970-01-01

In 2009, under the impact of the global financial crisis, China's ceramics industry faced an unprecedentedly grim situation, and the road to development was twisted and twisted. With the arrival of 2010, the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area was officially completed, which brought rare development opportunities and huge development space to the impacted Chinese ceramics industry. Guangxi Sanhuan Group, the leader of China's daily-use ceramics exporting head for 8 years, is eager to show its talents in the ASEAN market.

The China-ASEAN Free Trade Area is a huge consumer market with a population of 1.9 billion. In recent years, ASEAN countries have developed rapidly and their consumption power has been greatly enhanced. With the reduction of tariffs, ASEAN has become a hot spot for Chinese enterprises to invest, and there are boundless business opportunities. For the three-ring enterprises with a predominantly export-oriented economy, this is both a rare historical opportunity and a great stimulus. Chen Lin, general manager of Sanhuan Group, said that the products of Sanhuan were mainly sold to developed countries and regions such as Europe, America and Japan. However, under the influence of the international financial crisis, trade protectionism in some countries has risen, and the risk of anti-dumping has also increased. The European and American markets have been shrinking, orders have been reduced, and the free trade zone has been built at this special moment, which has greatly reduced tariffs. This has undoubtedly brought huge development space for the company's investment and trade. It is a rare historical opportunity, and the company has quickly adjusted its development. Strategy, actively develop the market at home and mdash; — ASEAN market.

In 2009, Sanhuan Group held a product exhibition in Indonesia, which was greatly welcomed and all the exhibits were sold out. This attempt allowed the Sanhuan Group to see the broad market space of ASEAN and further strengthen their determination and confidence in exploring the ASEAN market.

It is understood that the main products exported by Sanhuan Enterprises are ceramic pottery and other daily-use ceramics, which are daily consumer goods, with great market demand and unlimited potential. The Sanhuan people have realized that as a product with certain Chinese cultural significance, it is necessary to pay attention to the integration of local cultural customs and customs in the process of integrating into the ASEAN market, in line with the local market demand. Only in this way can the Chinese characteristics be better transmitted. The ASEAN countries have many Chinese and similar cultures, which is more beneficial to the development of the market. China and ASEAN have great potential and actively explore the ASEAN market. Our business will grow bigger and bigger! Chen Lin said with confidence.

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