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It is difficult for export to domestic sales. Ceramic enterprises are trapped in internal and external difficulties.

by:Two Eight     2019-01-11

The largest anti-dumping investigation in the history of Chinese ceramics has recently been officially opened by the European Union. This is undoubtedly a big loss for the ceramic export enterprises that have recently been affected by the appreciation of the renminbi.

 The road outside is not easy to go, and it is not easy for companies to come back. Huge transformation risks and advances in funding have made ceramic export companies discouraged. At the same time, the domestically tightened real estate market has made the domestic ceramic market feel chilly, and ceramic enterprises are facing a situation of internal and external difficulties.

 Ceramic exports are frequently blocked

 The EU countries are facing problems including the sovereign debt crisis, the sharp depreciation of the euro, and the lower-than-expected economic growth of various countries. Simultaneously. After the financial crisis, due to the increased financial burden of ceramic enterprises in Italy, Spain and other ceramic powerhouses, production costs have been reduced or even stopped production. With the advantage of high quality and low price, Chinese ceramics has not declined in export volume. Insiders pointed out that the above situation is the direct cause of the EU's anti-dumping case against China.

It is difficult for export to domestic sales. Ceramic enterprises are trapped in internal and external difficulties.

 Not only exports to Europe, China is a major exporter of ceramics, the annual export volume of ceramic tiles is about 700 million square meters, and the annual growth rate is about 10%. In recent years, especially after the outbreak of the financial crisis, many countries and regions have begun to implement various trade barriers to meet the demanding technical standards in order to protect the development of the local ceramic industry, which has made it difficult for Chinese ceramic enterprises to open up foreign markets. The foreign trade environment is very sinister.

Poland requires that each batch of imported ceramic tiles be provided with the original CE certificate. On September 18, 2009, Argentina made an anti-dumping final ruling on ceramic tableware and other household or sanitary porcelain originating in China. The minimum price limit was adopted and the validity period was 5 years. Thailand’s anti-dumping against ceramics was officially opened on December 3, 2009, and all anti-dumping investigations were conducted on all glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles exported from China to Thailand.

Behind the export of ceramics companies, the economic downturn in Europe, America and Asia has brought about a shrinking ceramics market. The good sales situation of Chinese ceramics companies has naturally caused doubts in similar industries in the country.

In fact, ceramic companies are not only worried about this. According to reports, with the arrival of enterprise inventory cycles in China, the United States and other important trading partners, the demand for Chinese products by foreign companies may be further weakened.

In addition, the appreciation of the renminbi will also increase the export burden of ceramic enterprises. As of October 11, the central parity of the yuan against the US dollar was 6.67 yuan. Since mid-August, the international dollar price has once again fallen, and countries such as Europe and the United States have further pressured the renminbi, and the appreciation is expected to heat up further. This invisibly raises the cost of ceramic export enterprises, greatly squeezes the profit margin of enterprises, and weakens the international competitiveness of export enterprises.      1  2  3
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