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How to pack the ceramic cup so that it is not easy to break?

by:Two Eight     2021-08-27
cups are prone to damage if they are not packaged during transportation, so how to pack chinaware ceramic cups so that they are not easily damaged? The problem of damage is something that many manufacturers want to know. There must be damage during transportation, but what if you try to avoid it? The following is a detailed introduction to you from the ceramic cup manufacturer Guangdong Hosen Ceramics: 1. Wrap the chinaware ceramic cup with foam paper and be tight. 2. Then use tape to seal one circle after another, be sure to use tape. 3. According to industry experts engaged in mug customization, it is safer to put it in a cardboard box and use broken foam around it. 4. The tape is tightly sealed. Put it in a larger carton. Clog up with newspapers. 5. Put a foam board on it and seal it tightly with tape.
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