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How to distinguish good from bad when buying bone china tea set?

by:Two Eight     2021-08-23
Speaking of Chinese tea culture, it has a long history and a long history! Tea species are more colorful, and drinking tea is also a necessity for many people's lives. In addition, many offices and homes will place coffee tables and tea sets so that customers can talk and drink tea, and friends and family can chat and drink tea at home! Speaking of tea sets, one can naturally think of bone china. After all, bone china tea sets still account for a large proportion of tea sets, because the price is moderate and it is becoming more and more popular and popular among ordinary people. But bone china tea sets are also divided into good and bad. Do you know how to distinguish between good and bad when buying? Here are some tips for identifying and purchasing. I hope it will be helpful to you who love tea sets! 1. Choose from the color of the bone china tea set. Be sure to choose a bone china tea set with good color but not fragrant Li Yan, lest some beautiful colors are added with chemical glaze and therefore contain toxic substances. In addition, pay attention to whether the enamel outside the bone china tea set is not turbid, smooth, free from scratches, small holes, black spots and bubbles, etc., and whether the inner wall of the tea set is smooth. 2. Choose from the shape of the bone china tea set. First, we must choose what we like. Only when we use what we like can we feel more comfortable and taste tea more attractive. For the teapot, first of all, the design of the teapot must conform to the human body mechanics, so that it can be controlled comfortably. The water outlet of the teapot is generally on the same horizontal line as the lid and handle. The connection between the spout, the handle and the body should be smooth and flat, without obvious protrusions, residual mud marks or uneven color. 3. Sound selection of bone china tea set. It can be rubbed on the lid of the pot. The duller the sound, the better, the duller it means that the content of soil is high, and the more brittle it means that the content of metal is high. You can also tap the porcelain tableware lightly with your hands to hear the sound. If the sound is crisp and pleasant to the ear, it means that the porcelain body is fine and without cracks, and the porcelain is completely porcelainized during high-temperature firing. If the voice is hoarse, it can be judged that the porcelain white porcelin dinnerware body has cracks or incomplete porcelainization. This kind of porcelain white porcelin dinnerware is prone to cracking after the change of heat and cold. 4. Test the air tightness of the bone china tea set. When choosing a tea set, you should choose a teapot with relatively good airtightness. You can fill the pot with water, press the small mouth of the lid, and the airtightness is good if you can't pour water. The bottom of the pot should usually be flat and straight, and the printing should be clear and straight. When choosing a teacup teapot with a lid, don't forget to try the lid to see if it is suitable and whether there are flaws, etc., and choose the best. The above are the details to pay attention to when choosing tea sets. In addition, when buying bone china tea sets, you must choose a formal market, and you must not be greedy to buy inferior products without official manufacturers. According to national regulations, if the bone china tea set is soaked in 4% acetic acid, the dissolution amount of lead shall not exceed 7 mg/L, and the dissolution amount of cadmium shall not exceed 0.5 mg/L. The products of wholesale dinnerware suppliers can basically meet this requirement.
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