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How about drinking tea with bone china tea set?

by:Two Eight     2021-08-26
Bone china is a kind of porcelain that has gradually become well-known in China in recent years. Of course, most people do not know it very well, and they have some doubts about bone china. Compared with China, bone china is a popular type of porcelain tableware in European countries. The commonly used tea sets for afternoon tea in the West are some bone china tea sets. How about bone china tea sets? We all know that British people like to drink afternoon tea. Of course, the afternoon tea time is statutory, just like our statutory holidays. Ah, there are holidays every day. Make some black tea every afternoon and have some snacks to spend a relaxing time. The tea time is very good. So is there any big difference between our bone china tea set for making tea and the porcelain white porcelin dinnerware tea we are used to? How is the effect? In fact, there are many aspects to different words. As for the effect, here is to say that the real experience is what the customer says. One, bone china tea set, watch tea soup. The color of bone china tea set has the unique milky white of natural bone meal, that is, milky white, which is easier to observe the color of tea soup, and will not have any effect on the color of tea soup. The color of tea infusion of bubble tea and black tea is uploaded below. Second, the bone china tea set keeps the taste longer. The basic tone of British afternoon tea is leisure, that is, slowly tasting tea. If the tea set cannot retain the taste of tea for a long time, then it will not be able to achieve a relaxing and comfortable experience. This is where the bone china tea set is useful. It is not only good for heat preservation, And it can retain the authentic taste of tea or coffee for a long time, which is liked by many hot drink lovers. Third, the bone china tea set is green and environmentally friendly. The raw material of bone china tea set is made of pottery raw materials plus natural bone meal after two firings of biscuit and glaze firing. It is the only recognized high-grade porcelain tableware in the world. It does not precipitate lead, cadmium and other harmful substances that are harmful to human health during use. The carcass is thin and has a unique sense of cleanliness. This is also the reason why many people buy Porcelain Dinnerware Set. Of course, it is not just because of it. Its appearance (cleanness) is also indispensable for its bottom water absorption, which is easy to clean and not easy to leave tea stains. However, bone china generally has a thinner wall and is not very thermally insulated. If you buy tableware, it is best to choose a higher bottom edge. If you don’t end the plate, you will fall into the life problem of 'throwing or not throwing'. The specific effect can refer to the household porcelain dishes and bowls.
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