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Extraordinary tableware, color and fragrance

by:Two Eight     2019-01-27

 Porcelain, once known as the platinum of the European princes, is practical and aesthetically pleasing. It was first produced in China, and then it was injected into the cultural connotation of its own nation and became a worldwide human being. Civilization treasure ……

 Thai ceramics

 Before Chinese ceramics were introduced to Thailand, local people used plant leaves as tableware. With the introduction of Chinese porcelain, the exquisite and practical ceramic catering utensils have greatly changed the living customs of local residents. When mastering the skill of firing ceramics, ceramic tableware with distinctive Thai characteristics was born.

 Affected by traditional customs, the tableware used on the table of Thai people, especially the containers for seasonings and snacks, still retains the shape of the leaves, but the material is replaced by hard ceramics. In order to dilute the dark tone and heavy feeling of traditional Thai homes, these exquisite Thai ceramic tablewares are all freely matched with light brown, emerald green and sapphire blue. The porcelain face has a crystal-clear luster with a crack of ice. Paired with the same texture of ceramic jewelry and silky silky fabric, even if there is no food, the table can also make a meal.

 Creative update is a typical leadership trend design, won six design awards, two of which are outstanding design awards in Japan and the United States, indicating that its design is international standard and highly practical.

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