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Ceramic industry has become an anti-dumping 'hardest hit' Chinese ceramics export is not easy

by:Two Eight     2019-01-09

 After the Chinese ceramics industry suffered five major anti-dumping colds last year, this year's new spring has ushered in a new attack: the Ministry of Commerce recently revealed that the Indonesian anti-dumping committee issued a pre-disclosure disclosure on the anti-dumping investigation of China's ceramic tableware products, and proposed the above The product is subject to an 87% anti-dumping duty.

 Vigilance demonstration effect

 It is understood that Indonesia is the sixth largest ceramic producer in the world, second only to China, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Brazil. There are many ceramic producers in the region to produce ceramic tableware.

 Indonesia's measures have definitely had an impact on China's ceramic industry. Lan Weibing, director of the Foshan Office of the China Ceramic Industry Association, told reporters that the current global economic recovery is slow. Many ceramic products in Indonesia are also targeted at the export market, and their exports are affected, and with the expansion of Chinese ceramics to emerging markets, Indonesia The domestic market for ceramics is also under pressure. In this case, it is not surprising that the local industry protects its domestic industry on the grounds of anti-dumping.

 Ceramic industry into an anti-dumping disaster area, China's ceramic exports are not easy

 Blue Guard said that at present, China's ceramic tableware and other daily-use ceramics are produced in Hunan, Guangxi, Shandong and other places in Chaozhou, Guangdong. The relevant measures of Indonesia will have more obvious impact on ceramic exports in this region. It is particularly vigilant that such anti-dumping measures will also have a larger demonstration effect, which may lead to anti-dumping against Chinese ceramic tableware in other regions.

 Active response is a top priority

 In fact, China has been the country with the most anti-dumping investigations in the world for many years, and the ceramic industry is the hardest hit. According to the reporter, last year, South Korea, Argentina, Peru, and Brazil launched anti-dumping investigations, sunset reviews, or directly raised tariffs on China. The EU imposed punitive tariffs on Chinese ceramics companies for a period of five years.

 Under these five cold currents, Chinese ceramics have been greatly affected by the export of relevant regional markets. As the data show, last year, China's ceramics manufacturing industry Foshan, its ceramic export trade in the EU due to anti-dumping, a decline of about 30%. However, due to the increase in other market developments, especially in emerging markets such as South America and Africa, the total value of Foshan ceramics export trade has increased by 15% last year.

 Obviously, the Indonesian anti-dumping tax rate is soaring. If many emerging markets follow the same pattern, it will have an adverse impact on the development of China's ceramic industry. How to deal with it? Blue Guard pointed out that Indonesia's relevant measures are still in the pre-final disclosure stage, so it is still a top priority to actively respond to the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese ceramic tableware.

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