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Ceramic is a material made from heated clay and other non-metallic materials heated at very high temperatures. It is a kind that comprises stoneware, pottery, bone china, earthenware, fine china, terracotta, porcelain, paper clay among others. The differences in names show the different materials that are used in making the ceramics. Historical research has shown that the materials that were used in making ceramics were moderately non-toxic. Though this may be true, the safety may vary with the material used.

Generally, ceramic is well known as one of the healthiest material that can be used in homes for making different items. With this wide range of ceramic use, you can create your own set of kitchenware ranging from bowls, cups, plates, soup dishes or even glasses. Serving dinner in ceramic dinnerware gives it a stunning look and taste. A charmingly set of dinnerware can be therefore made with no complications or technicality. This article therefore, is an overview of how the ceramic dinnerware sets can be made. Let’s take a scoop!

Raw Materials Needed

To make ceramic dinnerware set, a number of things ought to be brought together. Since the set can be a customized creation, raw materials required may vary depending on your preferences. Lucky enough for the this dinnerware set, the materials to be used are easily accessible. These include:

a. Clay or bone or porcelain (Depending on what type of ceramic dinnerware set you desire)

b. Water – Water helps to kneed the clay into a pliable paste.

c. Kiln – It is device in which the pottery is baked. Kiln makes the dinnerware set appropriate for eating from.

d. Paintbrush – To input designs on the completed ceramic ware, a paintbrush is needed.

e. Ceramic glaze – It is an impermeable substance that is mixed with the ceramic material through heating in order to waterproof and/or color the item.

Once the materials are ready, you are good to go!


A dinnerware set consists of plates, mugs, salad plates, bowls among other utensils. With the above materials, you do not need any specialist’s knowledge, instead, you only require simple pottery techniques to come up with your own set. Below is an illustration of how you can design earthen-ware ceramic plates and drinking glasses.

a. Ceramic Plates – Make your hands wet with water then knead clay by pushing the clay with the heel of your hands. Do this for approximately 20 minutes. Kneading removes the present air bubbles. When the clay becomes pliable even, cover it with a damp piece of material for a few minutes until all the air bubbles are eliminated. Roll the kneaded clay into long and thick rod-like shapes. The rolling ought to be done with your hands so as to employ moderate pressure. Beginning from the center, coil the rods in a circular form until the desired size of your plate is achieved. Once again, make your hands wet with water then gently pass your hands through the plate while pressing and pushing small coils on the plate. This will merge the coils into a smooth surface. Finally, smooth the plate edges with wet hands and let the formed plate dry thoroughly for some days. Using a ceramic glaze, paint the plate depending on the design you want to achieve then bake in the kiln.

b. Ceramic Glasses – Using water, make your hands wet and knead clay for a period of 20 minutes. Cover the clay with a piece of wet material for 30 minutes. Roll the clay into a small size, the shape of a tennis ball. Pushing your thumb in the ball, make a hole at the center of the ball. With your fingers, pinch the inside of the formed ball to expand its center. Keep turning the ball as you do the pinching so as to retain an even level of thickness. Pat the ceramic glass on a plain smooth surface to form a flat bottom. To form an even edge, turn the formed glass over as you apply a little pressure. Finally, let the ceramic glass dry. After drying up, paint it with the glaze and then heat it in the kiln.

In the same way, you can make these dinnerware sets with other materials but with a slight variation in the procedure.

Advantages of Ceramic Dinnerware

Ceramic dinnerware sets are unique utensils that add a fashionable touch to a home. Its advantages over dinnerware made of other materials are great. Some of these advantages are:

a. Cost effective– they are affordable and will suit the needs of your pockets. Depending on the brand, design and quality looks, the sets may vary in terms of price. However, a quick comparison of all dinnerware sets will show you that they are relatively cheaper to sets made of other materials.

b. Color – Ceramic dinnerware sets have a tendency of holding their color well. Uniquely, the paint on these types of dinnerware will remain for a number of years. This attribute makes the ceramic sets good in being decorative.

c. Easy to Clean – Most hospitals, nursing homes and care facilities tend to rely mostly on this dinnerware sets due to their sanitation. This also means that your work of cleaning utensils will be made much easier. They are not only easy to clean but are also stain resistant and do not hold residues from foods.

d. Texture – These sets are often smooth and hence pleasant to the eye. They are beautiful and attractive to appease every homeowner.

Of note, care ought to be taken when dealing with ceramic ware. They are fragile and might easily shatter, crack, crush or even break when mishandled. However, the sets can handle extreme heat or cold environments.


Have you ever used ceramic dinnerware sets? If you haven’t, I have the best advice for you. Try out the sets! You can either make your own or purchase one if time or materials are limiting factors to you. Their unique worth is undeniable and you will not regret on any penny spent from your pockets. Do not waste any more time!

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