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Brazil will impose punitive tariffs on Chinese ceramic tableware

by:Two Eight     2019-01-22

 Brazil's 'Government Gazette' said on the 26th that the price of ceramic tableware imported from China by the Pakistani government is much lower than that of local products. Therefore, the Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade has launched an anti-dumping investigation on such Chinese goods.

 The 'Official Gazette' stated that the anti-dumping investigation was initiated at the request of relevant Brazilian enterprises. These companies have accused that the normal price of Chinese ceramic tableware used to be $4.66 per kilogram, and from April 2011 to March this year, the price dropped to $1.35 per kilogram. They claim that this kind of behavior by Chinese companies has damaged the local porcelain industry. If the investigation shows that dumping is established, the Brazilian government will impose punitive tariffs on Chinese ceramic tableware.

 Due to the global economic downturn and the sluggish trade, Brazilian President Rousseff vowed to take measures to protect the competitiveness of domestic products. Rousseff also accused certain countries of using improper means to dump goods to the Brazilian market.

 According to a report released by the World Trade Organization in November, from May to September this year, Brazil launched a total of 27 anti-dumping investigations, accounting for one-third of the number of investigations initiated by all members of the WTO, and among the members of the G20. The country that initiated the most anti-dumping investigations.

 In the face of trade frictions, the Chinese government has always emphasized opposition to trade protectionism and promoted the recovery of the world economy. At the same time, China also indicated that it will adjust its interests and concerns to each other and resolve trade contradictions and disputes with some developing countries.

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