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Bone China Tableware-The Beginning of Exquisite Life

by:Two Eight     2021-08-22
Introduction of Porcelain Dinnerware Set Bone china was produced in the high-end porcelain of the United Kingdom with a history of more than 300 years. Because 'thin paper, transparent like a mirror, sound like a chime, and white like jadeModeling has the dual values u200bu200bof use and art. Historically, it was a treasure for the court and aristocratic collections. It was a symbol of power and status. It was known as the 'king of porcelain.' Bone china is a kind of porcelain white porcelin dinnerware made of bone charcoal, clay, feldspar and quartz as basic raw materials, after high-temperature biscuit firing and low-temperature glaze firing. Bone china has become an ideal appliance for families because of its beautiful appearance, high quality, refined craftsmanship, and difficulty in processing. It is also the best gift for relatives and friends. Buying bone china white porcelin dinnerware represents the beginning of a refined life, and buying Porcelain Dinnerware Set represents beauty.
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