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Blue Garden Restaurant- Riyadh



Blue Garden

is more than just a restaurant that serves fine meals but rather great stories to read and live, their branches are built with history,expressed as an exhibition of special things, their beginning was in the heart of London with a location overlooking Trafalgar Square, the most famous of London's squares, designed by the world famous designer Tom Dixon, featuring a terrace and an outdoor garden overlooking Trafalgar.

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It was followed by the Al-Khobar branch with a wonderful view of the sea and a garden that adds to family gatherings, hospitality meetings, and poetic and intimate business that keeps pace with the lifestyle of the elite with great taste and the spirit of the East, and they are now in the city of Riyadh, in a location that mixes the nobility of the past with the luxury of the present and evokes the authentic Arab generosity, building a new success story And the Blue Garden stories are still going on.

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Our pleasure could took the chance to cooperate with Blue Garden Restaurant-Riyadh branch. The Kaleidoscope Collection (Blue Color) could match well with Blue Garden Restaurant, just like they are the same one.

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For the Kaleidoscope collection, they are bone china material, the luxury design for high-end restaurant. Not only with smoothly surface all details handled well, but also translucent and light weight. Let the customers have a good dining experience.

For the Beige Color collection, there is no sense of contradiction when paired with Kaleidoscope collection and blue napkin on the table. Many different dinnerware shapes for selection and could satisfied the requirement. 

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图层 9.jpg
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Not only could provide different material dinnerware to restaurant, but also offer extra service, like print Blue Garden logo on the dinnerware, glassware with logo, cutlery with logo.

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All things you need in the restaurant, we will provide one stop purchase service for your own restaurant.

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