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Killifish Care - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-03
Killifish Care  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
While it is not difficult to take care of killifish, their needs may vary slightly with different species.
Here is a brief overview of the topic. Being small-
The size, activity and vivid colors of Killifish are very popular as aquarium fish.
There are about 1270 kirifish belonging to different families.
Contains about 320 species.
The name killifish is said to have come from the Dutch word "kilde", which indicates their habitat --
Small bodies of water that may disappear in summer.
Eggs spawn in the matrix, and eggs hatch only if they are filled with dry water bodies again in the rain.
Thanks to the unpredictable nature of its habitat, the fry grows rapidly.
When the water dries, the fish mate, breed and die. , etc.
You must have a basic understanding of the specific species of the fish tank you choose.
Life span of most species is one year.
Species that may survive for five years.
In short, the requirements of different species may vary.
Here are some general guidelines that can help you raise kilfish as a pet.
These fish can be stored in a well-planted fish tank with slightly acidic water.
It is always better to keep pH 5. 5 to 7.
They need a lower temperature setting, so they should not be kept with tropical fish that need warm waters.
You also have to provide some driftwood, rocks, etc.
Fish can be used as a hiding place.
Some floating plants can also be added to the tank, and the substrate of peat moss must be provided in the tank.
While the larger kilifis variety can be kept in large fish tanks along with other fish, the smaller ones usually require separate aquariums.
It should be noted that some species of Killi fish are very aggressive, especially males.
So, too many men and a small tank are not a good combination at all because they may fight and die between themselves.
They were found to be compatible with small catfish, Tetris, barges, short fish and non-native fish.
It is better to put them in tanks with safety covers as they are good jumpers.
Providing the right food in the right quantity is one of the golden rules of killifish care.
It can be fed with fruit flies, white insects, mosquito larvae, salt water shrimps, grinding insects, etc.
You can also use the packaged killifish food provided by the pet shop.
In the first week, feed the Killy Fry with halogen (salt shrimp.
Baby salt water and white worms may be used in the future.
When they grow to adults, they can be given regular killifish food.
In terms of breeding, small-
It is difficult to breed fish of the size.
However, you may succeed if you transfer them to a separate tank and provide the ideal environment.
While some species are found to spawn on the substrate, other species may use spawning mops or plants for this purpose.
Once the chips are born, it is better to separate the adults.
Compared to other species, the reproduction of lyretail killifish is said to be easier.
All given above is a short and general overview of the topic.
It's always wise to get to know the specific types of killefish and you're going to the aquarium.
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