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New Style Irregular Rim White Ceramic Dinner Set for Hotel - TW08
Unbreakable White Ceramic Dinnerware Set - TW19
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Ceramic/Porcelain Dinnerware Accessories set are made with bright white, smooth lines and diverse models to meet different demands of customers from catering and hospitality industry. They are characterized by high heat resistance, proving to show a great performance against abrasion. In order to meet food safety, we adopt food-grade materials from reliable raw material supplier. The accessories also pass the metal release test. Processed at 1300°C, the vitrified boy is found to be resistant to the thermal shock. Besides that, our designers have been dedicated to improving the design of the dinnerware accessories for easy-to-use and ergonomic operation.

The product range includes white porcelain buffet set, plate, bowl, sauce dishes, vase, egg tray, milk pot and so on. They are consistent in color, component, and design style. With a focus on the rim and base design, the dinnerware accessories show a unique combination, which greatly improve visual experience.

This set is perfect for serving gourmet samples with elegant and strong porcelain since they will bring a contemporary touch to the restaurants and bistros.

According to the demand for food processing, they can be applied in microwave oven, oven, disinfection cabinet and dish-washing machine.

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