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4 steps to choose fine white bone china dinnerware

White bone china dinnerware should be very familiar with everyone. Two-eight will tell you white bone china dinnerware basic knowledge.

4 steps to choose fine white bone china dinnerware

1. white bone china dinnerwares are soft, transparent, high strength and good toughness. Since bone powder is added, the difficulty of firing is increased, so it is more precious. Bone china tableware is not only a daily necessities, but also an integration of artworks and luxury goods. ,

2. bone porcelain tableware is a kind of porcelain dining utensil which is made from the basic raw material of the animal's bone charcoal, clay, feldspar and quartz. It has been made by burning high temperature and burning low temperature glaze for two times.

3. if you do not understand bone porcelain, then you should take bone porcelain in your hands, look at the light of the bone porcelain to the light, with the delicate and hard porcelain of the hands, and then the index finger and the thumbs gently a bullet, you can hear the bone porcelain "jingle" a crisp sound.Bone china dinnerware in home decorations, the most is made into tableware, white color, delicate touch, natural elegance trickle out. Ceramics originated in China, but Bone China originated in England. It has long been a special porcelain for the royal family of the United Kingdom.

4. bone porcelain tableware compared with the common ceramic tableware, the advantages of high whiteness but soft color, lighter (bone carbon component makes porcelain lighter), more delicate porcelain, good transmittance.

The basic knowledge of bone china tableware is for everyone here.Hope it's helpful for you,thank you for your reading.

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