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What is bone china? What is new bone china?

by:Two Eight     2021-08-16
What is bone china? What is new bone china? Many friends who don’t understand bone china will also come into contact with the concept of new bone china when they first come into contact with bone china. the difference. Here is a detailed description of the 13 differences between the new bone china and bone china, to help you distinguish the two types of porcelain with the difference: 1. Producing area: bone china has the cooperation of the first porcelain factory and the ceramic research institute Successfully developed. The main producing area of u200bu200bthe new bone china is Zibo, Shandong, and it is developed by the Shandong Institute of Silicate Research and Design. 2. Composition: The content of bone china bone powder refers to the content of the chemical substance 'tricalcium phosphate'. The tricalcium phosphate in bone china is the natural bone meal in animal ashes, mainly bovine bone meal from Qinghai, Tibet and Inner Mongolia, and calf bone meal from 2-4 years old is the best; the tricalcium phosphate in the new bone china is artificial chemical synthesis of. The preparation method is to use calcium hydroxide and phosphoric acid for neutralization reaction, and then calcinate at a high temperature of 1280-1300 DEG C to form a synthetic raw material with animal bone meal components. 3. Bone meal: more than 40% bone meal is added to bone china; no bone meal is added to new bone china. 4. Production: Bone china adopts secondary firing, high-temperature biscuit firing and low-temperature glaze firing. The new bone china adopts one firing and low-temperature glaze firing. V. Lead: The lead content of bone china is generally higher than that of new bone china. Because bone china uses frit glaze during the second low-temperature glaze firing, the frit is divided into lead-containing frit and lead-free frit. The new bone china contains low lead content. 6. Color: The color of bone china presents a natural milky white color, commonly known as a little bit yellow; and the higher the content of bone powder, the more milky white, the lower the content of bone powder, the more yellowing; the new bone china is made of a synthetic chemical raw material. A certain amount of brightener. 7. Sound: The bone china cup is placed on the flat hands for collision, and it makes a crisp 'clang' sound, and there is an echo. The echo time is longer. The higher the grade, the more obvious the characteristic of bone china (bone china) The effect of the bowl experiment is more obvious); new bone china and other porcelains make a dull 'ding' sound when they collide, and there is basically no echo. 8. Weight: bone china is the lightest; new bone china takes the second place; white porcelain white porcelin dinnerware is the heaviest. 9. Fetal quality: bone china is thinner; new bone china is relatively thicker. 10. Appearance: The second firing of bone china is of high regularity and the glazed surface is bright; the first firing of new bone china is relatively second. 11. Light transmittance: bone china has better light transmittance; new bone china has second light transmittance. 12. Type: Bone powder contained in bone china has low viscosity, so it is more difficult to burn complex types of porcelain than other types of porcelain white porcelin dinnerware. 13. Price: Generally speaking, the price of new bone china is higher than that of bone china, but it is more the result of Tian Ji's horse racing. The tricalcium phosphate in the new bone china is artificially synthesized and can be mechanized production, while the tricalcium phosphate in bone china is a natural component in animal bone ashes. Animals cannot be mechanized production, and the tricalcium phosphate in animal bone meal cannot be quantified. The production cost of solid bone china is higher than that of new bone china; secondly, since bone powder contains bone powder, the viscosity of the shares is very low, so it is more difficult than the new bone china in the production process, and the cost is therefore relatively high. Can be given as a gift set.
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