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What is a bone China

by:Two Eight     2020-03-21
What is a bone China? We will meet when buying tableware, a kind of porcelain is exquisite, color transparent quality, quality of a material is good, this kind of porcelain is slightly more expensive than other porcelain also, through introducing the guides we will know to this kind of material is bone China porcelain, so how much you know about bone China? Porcelain industry of small make up to everyone to disabuse, learn together. What is a bone China? Bone China soft porcelain, the use of animals in the ashes, to master more bone after degreasing rinse and high temperature calcination and gain, and then through the biscuit firing, glaze firing, twice which adopts many special process. And bone China porcelain is exquisite, smooth, glossy soft glazed, like the feeling of fat like jade. It crystal clear, smooth soft glazed, like the feeling of fat like jade, very elegant. Tangshan bone China in his bone charcoal as the main raw material, in the bone charcoal in the calcium phosphate for flux & other; Phosphate - Clay - Quartz - Feldspar & throughout; Tangshan porcelain, bone China feature it is milk white, colour and lustre is natural warm, high whiteness, good transparency, sound knock is ringing, lingering sound pleasing to the ear, fine porcelain, porcelain body thin. Bone China have admirable appearance and intrinsic properties, cannot leave its complicated production technology and strict quality control system, therefore, bone China process complex, difficult and high cost of manufacturing, high technology level requirements for each operator. Tangshan makes bone China has far more than the value of other porcelain. 1, raw materials, high purity bone porcelain raw materials of high purity precious, only grows in the whitest ranch beef bones, not subject to any metal pollution can be selected. Tangshan, the main raw material of bone China from reserve herbivorous animal bone charcoal, few blank ingredients iron and carbon content, high purity of raw materials and refined, make bone China has pervious to light and flexibility, more hard, not easy fracture, look more beautiful and practical, such as crisp bell. Tangshan bone charcoal used in the bone China, the need for a series of processing to be used. First under the temperature of 900 ~ 1000 ℃ steam cooking degreasing, then calcined at 1100 ~ 1250 ℃ high temperature, the ball mill, grinding again after washing, pickling, in addition to iron, drying the bone powder of tricalcium phosphate content was 98%. Tricalcium phosphate, chemical formula of Ca3 ( PO4) 2, applies tricalcium phosphate ceramics, porcelain, more not only beautiful, but also conducive to health. Tangshan bone porcelain blank of bone charcoal content is in commonly 42%, enough to make porcelain body of tricalcium phosphate content reached 38%, higher than the standard around 36% of the technical requirements. So this is also to identify bone China the only reliable method. Some products in the raw material to add a small amount of bone char, although appearance with high whiteness, translucent and tire body thin, but tricalcium phosphate content in the porcelain body simply can not meet the standard, so the quality is different from bone China. 2, craft fine bone China in terms of production technology, large is forming difficulties, burning into a narrow range. To this end, the manufacturing process is more complex than ordinary porcelain, strictly. Due to bone porcelain blank of bone charcoal content high, the main ingredients for hydroxy calcium phosphate, bone carbon grinding processing, hydroxy dissolution and alkaline, water and alkali neutralization to assume bone carbon neutral, easy to ensure that mud material formability. Water have to be 2 ~ 3 times repeatedly, until the grinding bone slurry PH near 7 is advisable. Bone China products zero defect, it shall ensure that every link and process accurately. This is no ordinary which is difficult to do. In bone China molding, bone charcoal content is higher, the production of more difficult, this also is the precious of the bone China. Bone China with more than 42% without plastic bone charcoal, the amount of clay in body formula is lower, than the ordinary ceramic than plastic is poorer, more difficult. Used in production of a variety of methods to increase the plasticity of the billet, such as using the high plasticity clay; Use organic plasticizer; To increase grain fineness. In terms of white porcelain firing, bone China adopt secondary firing process. A firing, the qualified green bloom into sagger in kiln to burn, biscuit firing temperature at 1240 ~ 1255 ℃, after calcined product called & other; Bisque & throughout; ( Or frame) ; Secondary firing, the glaze billet into sagger in glaze kiln roasting, glaze firing temperature at 1100 ~ 1150 ℃, fire after the nonconforming product called & other; White porcelain & throughout; 。 Bone China second sintering process is different from the traditional secondary firing of ceramic. After the biscuit firing of porcelain to be chosen and polished, thermal spraying glaze craft, such as its good solve the problem of the high temperature deformation and glaze gloss. In burning, use conductive thin wall profiling of sagger, burn it to buckle, brace etc, can effectively solve the big bone porcelain firing range narrow, contraction and soft collapse deformation problems, but also ensure the bone porcelain of the shape of neat. Bone China high transparency, porcelain soft, soft luster, do good material of the appliance. Porcelain industry adhere to the business bottom line, not sales: defective goods, false bone porcelain, have a harm to human body inferior bone porcelain tableware ( Bone China tableware) And of course to buy bone China tableware.
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