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What are the technological advantages of bone china tableware?

by:Two Eight     2021-08-26
What are the technological advantages of bone china tableware? Everyone should be no stranger to Porcelain Dinnerware Set. It plays an indispensable role in our lives. We cannot do without it in our daily diet. What the editor of bone china manufacturers wants to share with you today is about bone china white porcelin dinnerware. The advantages of the process, it can affect the quality of the finished product, friends who are interested can learn about it. Thermal spraying process can obtain various functional surface strengthening coatings. It can combine the strength and toughness and easy processing of metal materials with the high temperature resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of ceramic materials. It is not limited by the size of the substrate, the size of the workpiece and the construction site. The processability of the coating is good, and spraying can be carried out after the coating is damaged. The coating deposition rate is fast, the thickness is controllable, and the process is simple. Sizing process The realization of the sizing process of bone china tableware includes the selection of main slurry and the realization of high pressure. The determination of the sizing force of high-pressure sizing is the technology of the sizing process. To determine the squeezing force, attention should be paid to the order of severity. The squeezing force has a reasonable range. A combination of high-concentration, low-viscosity and high-fluidity slurries must be selected to ensure a constant sizing rate and appropriate coverage and penetration. High-pressure sizing The realization of high pressure. The selection of high-pressure sizing sizing agent is the guarantee of sizing quality. Low-temperature baking process The low-temperature decal paper is soaked in water to separate the low-temperature decal paper from the printing paper. Attach the separated low-temperature decal paper to the surface of the bone china tableware, and scrape the water on the surface of the tableware dry with a squeegee. Dry the treated tableware in a ventilated environment, and then remove the tearable film on the surface. The dried bone china tableware is fed into an oven, and baked at a high temperature for tens of minutes to obtain the finished product.
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