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What are the characteristics of bone china manufacturers tell you?

by:Two Eight     2021-08-25
The wholesale dinnerware suppliers tells you the characteristics of bone china: Fine porcelain: soft whiteness, strong light transmission, showing a texture and brightness different from ordinary porcelain, and exuding the noble temperament of nobility. The shape of the utensils is regular: the picture has a brighter glazed texture. Good heat preservation: Compared with traditional porcelain tableware, bone china has better heat preservation, and you have more feelings when you drink coffee or tea. Environmentally friendly porcelain white porcelin dinnerware: bone china is mostly low-lead or lead-free products. Because it is the basic guarantee of European and American society, the product quality is in line with Europe and the United States. Better strength, thinner carcass, and lighter specific gravity: Because bone china and ordinary porcelain have different compositions, they can be thinner and tougher and wear-resistant, but because high-temperature molding is more difficult, the molding has a higher rejection rate. Factors such as the formation of high prices. Bone china is milky white with soft luster and as warm as jade. If you don’t believe it, you can take a bone china cup or bowl and place it under the light. The delicate and transparent porcelain will surely make you admire; the glaze of bone china is smooth. , Crystal clear, ordinary daily-use white porcelin dinnerware is not comparable to bone china at all; if you put a bone china bowl flat on your hand and flick it with your thumb and middle finger, you will hear a crisp 'ding' The sound is like the graceful sound of a musical instrument, exciting; bone china becomes light and noble because of its thin quality.
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