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The mysteries of the bone China

by:Two Eight     2020-03-12
Authentic coffee with good bone China tea set, of course, because of the characteristics of bone China, determines it has very good heat preservation effect, which can guarantee to drink to every bite are hot and spicy. So what is a bone China? Let's together to open its mysterious veil. What is the bone porcelain? Bone China ( 骨瓷) : referred to as 'bone China, which is also called bone China, production began in the UK at the end of 1821, ashes and the proportion of how much China stone was & other Standardization & throughout; , at that time, people think feldspar as fluxing agent containing ashes 46% of billet production of porcelain is good product. Basic process is the animals' bone coal, clay, feldspar and quartz as the basic raw material, after high temperature, and low-temperature glaze burning fire burning in a porcelain. Two basic characteristics of bone China is the essence of the distinction between bone China porcelain else. Features a: bone charcoal content more than 36% of the characteristics of the two: after the second sintering and ( Biscuit firing, glaze to burn) According to the set standard of bone China, contains thirty percent from animal bones of tricalcium phosphate, and the finished product is pervious to light, the bone China. While the rest of the standard, if less in 25. Bone bone China porcelain characteristics with makings fastidious, made careful, strict standards, its neat degrees, whiteness, transparency, thermal stability, etc. All the indicators are demanding. Due to the complexity of bone porcelain craft, make difficult than ordinary daily porcelain, its production technology is difficult to popularize. Bone China because of its unique modelling, concise and lively, texture and delicate, white has long been a royal porcelain, are recognized in the world of porcelain. Bone China main characteristics 1. Appearance is beautiful: shape is beautiful and elegant, enjoyed high reputation color face moist bright and colorful flowers surface. 2. High grade: produced in the UK, for a long time is the British royal family is special porcelain, porcelain king. 3. Superior craft: secondary firing, process complex, only Britain, China, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Russia, Thailand has production. 4. Processing hard: in the process of fire, its neat degrees, whiteness, transparency, and thermal stability of certain physical and chemical indicators are demanding, bone China differential method 1. Color: bone China porcelain for containing powder reason itself presents a kind of natural milk white, with a popular words is with a little yellow, and this feature is any other porcelain cannot be copied. 2. Permeability: bone China itself to make the cause of the formula is another important external characteristics permeability, high content of bone bone China as a whole is connected fully, low levels of both bone bone China with other porcelain there is obvious difference on the transparent effect. 3. Voice: will gently collided two good bone China products, like the voice of the wind chimes sound pleasing to the ear, and there will be a few seconds of echo, and other basic not porcelain. Of course it is very important also to maintain bone porcelain tableware, hand wash as far as possible, remove with clean water, the water temperature not over 80 ℃, such as tea, can be used lemon juice or vinegar to clean. Bone China is spoiled, need careful maintenance. If you haven't bone porcelain tableware, can know to ceramics, yo can also custom design you like.
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