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The history of Chinese ceramics

by:Two Eight     2020-03-22
Due to the human social productivity is very low, do not have a high level of social material civilization, and thus lead to the neolithic pottery rough, of primitive simplicity is not superior characteristics. In the late neolithic yangshao culture, qujialing culture, hemudu culture, dawenkou culture, longshan culture in a dozen cultural sites such as mining, unearthed a large number of ceramic, the main varieties are pottery, pottery, black pottery and geometry YinWenTao, etc. Color primitive painted pottery decorative design in a utensil in geometry, rough, composition novel is fluent, shows the skill level of Chinese ceramics. Few black pottery of the longshan culture decoration, but the whole round, the wall thin and uniform, the show amazing skills. Shang dynasty pottery, inherited the style of the neolithic age, overall development on the kinds and there is not much. Is the important development of the zhou dynasty pottery, ceramics used in construction, such as version, eaves tiles, Jane watts nail, crisscross brick, tile, etc. Han period, the glazed pottery replace copper commodity in great quantities, thus make pottery get rapid development. Glazed pottery of the han dynasty has developed to a high stage, which is a bridge from tao to porcelain. The stability of the western jin dynasty period, the state, the kiln celadon fire has been improved. Sui and tang dynasties era is the period of feudal social economic and cultural development. Development of pottery and porcelain to sui and tang dynasties, also grow into a prosperous stage. Tang sancai glazed pottery is a kind of low temperature lead, because often use three colors of yellow, green, brown, generally buried, divided into vessel, figures, animals, is our country ancient pottery craft products. Song dynasty is extremely glorious historical period, China's porcelain across emerging kilns, sprung up many well-known Chinese and foreign kilns. The so-called five ancient jun - — , you, officer, brother, jun, is the typical representative of them. Kiln site, also known as powder, renowned for burning white porcelain, bowl, plate products color burn process, on the mouth along the glazing, commonly known as 'mans mouth' your kiln firing for the palace imperial porcelain, fire craft reached * * * * in the history of Chinese ceramics. Kiln porcelain ware glaze fetal bone, thin glaze cui beautiful pure and fresh, full figure making such as fat, crackle and elegant and fluent elder brother kiln, kiln is also called the chapter. Porcelain elegant of primitive simplicity, body glaze color moist the full figure making thick, handed down your valuable. Give priority to in order to fire the opacified glaze porcelain masterpieces, and burned black porcelain and white ground black flower porcelain, with its 'color into the kiln, the kiln all colour' magical 'variable' is known.
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