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The firing process of bone china and its relationship with new bone china

by:Two Eight     2021-08-19
During the firing process of bone china, its regularity, whiteness, transparency, thermal stability and other physical and chemical indicators are all required to be extremely high, so the rejection rate is very high. Due to the exquisite materials, fine production, and strict standards, the value is higher than other types of porcelain. The unique firing process and the addition of bone char, make the impurities in the porcelain clay eliminated, and the bone china appears whiter, finer, transparent, lighter, less flawed, and thinner than ordinary porcelain, and has a special visual cleaning. The sense and strength are higher than ordinary porcelain and twice that of daily-use porcelain. The higher the content of bone meal, the lower the composition of the clay, the easier it is to burn during the production process, and the higher the forming technology is required, which increases the difficulty of firing, so it is more precious. Bone china mainly chooses animal bone charcoal, and the bone china flower surface decoration and glaze surface are melted together, and it does not contain lead and cadmium which are harmful to the human body. At the same time, because bone china has always been export-oriented, and due to the basic guarantee of European and American societies, the safety requirements for utensils directly used by the human body are very high. Bone china is recognized as the most high-end porcelain in the world, but why are some bone china white porcelin dinnerware cheaper than high-white porcelain? Because these very cheap ones are synthetic new bone china, no natural bovine bone powder is added to it, but natural bovine bone powder replaced by synthetic materials developed by Zibo Institute of Ceramics, which contains a lot of chemical ingredients, which are harmful to the human body. Call it New Bone China. The new bone china is originally a kind of ordinary high white porcelain. The content of calcium oxide in the composition is slightly higher than that of ordinary porcelain. It has a certain degree of light transmission. The shrewd manufacturer gave it the name of a dragon with a phoenix, called Xin Bone china. The main differences between it and bone china (bone china) are as follows: 1. The raw materials used are different, more than 40% bone powder is added to bone china, and no bone powder is added to the new bone china. 2. Bone china adopts multiple firing, and new bone china adopts one firing. 3. Compared with new bone china, bone china has soft whiteness, high transparency, lighter porcelain, and its appearance is much better than that of new bone china. In short, new bone china is not a new variety of bone china, but just borrowed its name, cheap and attractive, so many people are deceived, so we must not be deceived by the word 'new'. 1. Cover the cup on the bulb (of course it can also be facing the light), it is top-grade with strong light transmission and soft color. 2. The whole body is milky white, the glazed surface is smooth, and the porcelain is light and thin. 3. Tap it with a porcelain tableware spoon or spread it out with the palm of your hand and flick it with your fingers. It is crisp and loud, just like a Hong Zhong.
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