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The difference between old and new bone china

by:Two Eight     2021-08-27
is something with a long history, and now a new kind of china has appeared as a new bone china. Many people think that the new bone china is different from the bone china. It may be that the production age is relatively new, and the raw materials should be the same. In fact, there is no close relationship between New and , but the names are close. Don't be tempted by the name of New . So, what is the difference between new bone china and bone china? Difference 1: Different raw materials The origin of the name of bone china is based on the raw materials it uses. In the process of making bone china, nearly 40% of bone powder is added, so it is called ceramic tableware, which is bone china in the true sense. Although the new bone china has a 'bone' in its name, bone meal is not added in the production process, so there is an essential difference. Difference 2: The production process is different. The production process of bone china is more complicated, and it needs to be fired twice to succeed, while the production process of new bone china is relatively simple and takes shape at one time. Difference 3: Different brightness Although both bone china and new bone china are very bright, the feeling of brightness is different. Although the brightness of bone china is very good, it is very soft and has a heavy feeling. The brightness of the new bone china is pure brightness, and there is no such feeling. The new bone china shines very purely. After the above comparison, everyone knows that there are essential differences between new bone china and bone china. In general, New and are completely different things. New is just a name, and it is not as good as in terms of production technology and collection value. Friends must recognize when buying and choose real bone china instead of new ceramic tableware.
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