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The characteristics of bone china tableware

by:Two Eight     2021-08-26
The characteristics of Porcelain Dinnerware Set: 1. Beautiful appearance: fine and transparent porcelain, beautiful and elegant shape, moist and bright color surface, and colorful flower surface. 2. High-grade: Produced in the UK, it has long been a special porcelain for the British royal and nobles. It is the only high-end porcelain white porcelin dinnerware recognized in the world. It has dual values u200bu200bof use and art. It is a symbol of power and status. It is known as the king of porcelain. . 3. Fine craftsmanship: secondary firing, complex craftsmanship, only produced in Britain, China, Korea, Japan, Germany, Russia, and Thailand. 4. Difficult to process: during firing, the regularity, whiteness, and whiteness of it Various physical and chemical indicators such as transparency and thermal stability are required to be extremely high, so the rejection rate is very high. Guangdong Hosen Ceramic Factory specializes in the production of bone chinaware, specializing in bone china cups, Porcelain Dinnerware Set, tea sets, coffee sets, coffee cups and saucers, gift porcelain, art porcelain tableware and other high-quality bone china products. A comprehensive bone china unit integrating sales. Quality-oriented, the brand created by producers, operators and sellers is something we cherish. For products, quality often brings consumers a full range of feelings from the senses to the heart. The quality we value is the top priority of our good products! All employees of the company will develop the entrepreneurial spirit of 'seeking truth and being pragmatic, pioneering and innovativeThe company has built a modern and standardized enterprise. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit, guide and negotiate business.
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